Bright Shorts

I had a little too much fun this morning at gym try out number 4. Especially with the BOSU. I haven’t used one in about 3 years, mostly as I’ve been training at home in that time. Since I’ve been trying out gyms to join this week, I’m making up for lost time. Today I rocked out on the BOSU travelling press ups with a leg extension. They were a lot easier than lunge hops dome side up! By the 3rd set, I’d got my balance back.IMG_3334Gym 4 might be a contender for gym membership, apart from the fact it doesn’t have one of my favourite pieces of gym equipment, medicine balls. What?! That’s one piece of equipment I use a lot. Space at peak times might be an issue, but it was clean, the staff friendly and members get discounts in various sports shops. As I’ve been doing all week, I took my own resistance bands and suspension trainer as I never know what equipment’s there or have to wait while someone else uses them. It does in a way defeat going.


Up until last year, I would never have thought I’d be working out in shorts in the summer (please note, it’s not in my nature of taking post workout selfies, especially in the changing room. For shorts purposes only I did!). I’ve always been a legging girl. Leggings and heat don’t mix. In the past year there’s been an explosion of affordable colourful sportswear and I’ve taken advantage of it, especially shorts. I swear wearing bright colours working out boost energy levels. Ironically, out of gym wear I prefer to wear basic colours and look for different textures, cuts within neutral colours. I accent with colour, mostly bracelets. Sometimes keeping it simple pulls everything together. IMG_3327

And keeping it simple, I’ve said next time moving, I’m not moving with so many boxes. In the past month I’ve gradually been going through the last of the boxes. Today I tackled my high school and college art folder. I’ve no idea why I’ve been dragging it across 3 countries, but I have. I’ve probably only looked inside 5 times since sixth form, today being one of them. I kept 10%, recycled the rest and solved the mystery of why I got such a low grade. Painting never has been my thing. Some energy is good to keep and some energy is good to let go and recycle.

Do you wear bright colours working? Do they give you an energy boost?


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    Totally agree on the bright colours pinks especially. One of my air text tops is a bright red – or that’s my impression anyway, I’ll post a pic and see what you think it is 🙂 looks like you are working hard as usual – well done you xx

    1. says:

      Bright red is good! Powerful! Cute running outfits I feel always make you runner better. I love it now there’s more affordable sports wear with colours girls actually want to wear. We’ve still got a way to go though, most sports shops the ratio of women clothes to mens is tiny, well in France and Spain it is! The UK might be different now. Have a great weekend x

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    I love bright colours working out. I have a few fluorescent pink tanks.

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      Fluorescent pink is a must!

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