Run, El Born and Gym List

One of the things I love about summer is that early morning buzz of a hot day ahead. The air’s still cool, the light’s beautiful and few people are out.IMG_1715

That’s just how my run was this morning. 7.5km before breakfast and an osteopath appointment. I definitely appreciated the coolness this morning as by midday, the sun was hot wondering around El Born. I used to live in the neighbourhood and it’s one of my favourite areas in Barcelona, so I always love wondering around it’s alleyways when I can.IMG_8564

IMG_8593The furniture is finally up! It took Paul about a day and a half to assemble. I helped when I could and started unpacking the remaining boxes. Unpacking is going to take longer than anticipated. Much of what’s in them has been stored away in boxes for three years and I’m asking myself, did I really buy this? Really, why did I buy this? Do I need it? Am I keeping it? Do I need to keep it?

The cat’s aren’t particularly bothered by the boxes. They’re currently in some sort of soft furnishing heaven right now.IMG_1783

I have a question for any gym goers. What do you look for when joining a gym? I’m considering rejoining one and have checked a few out, however none of them live up to my old one, which I may rejoin, despite the distance. On my list is:

How clean is it? Does the air conditioning smell? Are the changing rooms clean? Showers clean?

What equipment do they have? I’m not bothered about machines. I’ll use a cable and pull up bar if it’s there one and leave the machines to the muscle packers. I look for instead what functional, play equipment they have like: fit balls, bosu, medicine balls, resistance bands, suspension straps/trx etc. The fun equipment.

What state is the equipment in, how many do they have? I don’t want to wait to use something or have someone waiting to use equipment when in a circuit. You can’t hog equipment, no one likes that.

Is there space to burpee, squat jump, press up, skip in?

When are the busy periods? I don’t like someone muscling in on my space when I’m doing plank kicks.

The price. I’m not bothered by names of gyms. If it has what I want and space to dance around in I’m happy.

Do they have aerobic salsa or Zumba classes? That’s one class where I can dance my cares away.

The feel of the place, the atmosphere. Again, I’m not bothered by names or exclusivity of the gym. Some gyms are frosty like their air conditioning, so cold you can’t work up a sweat. Others are sand and sawdust and full of life. I sweat, workout, train like a beast, look like a beauty and happily chat away when I’m finished.

Is there anything you’d add to the list? What’s number one on your list? One reason why I’d like to rejoin is the social aspect. Working out at home has it’s advantages, but you don’t meet people!


  1. Janelle says:

    Hello! I stumbled across your blog when looking for a gym in the El Born area. I’m visiting over the next couple of days and would love to get a few workouts in. Are there any in the area you could recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. says:

      Hi Janelle! You’re in luck in El Born. There’s a gym right outside Parc Ciutadella, Zoo entrance which has a day pass and classes. You also have CNAB gym about a 10-15min walk from El Born to Barceloneta right on the beach that also has a day pass. Near Urquinaona Metro station you have Holmes Place. Google too outdoor fitness in Barcelona, there are some trainers that have bootcamp style classes in Parc Ciutadella and on Barceloneta beach. Which ever one you choose have a great time in Barcelona! It’s still warm in the day time, but it’s starting get a little chilly in the evenings, so bring a lightweight jumper or cardi! Safe travels!

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