Bike, Run, Yoga Weekend

Today starts Tone It Up’s 2nd Frisky Fall challenge. 8 week fitness challenge, workouts, healthy living ideas and generally admiring their California living. It’s all been planned out for you: workouts every day, with a new one every Tuesday. Lots of healthy recipes, prizes and get your life together ideas. All you have to do is do the work! Oh and run, cycle, walk, swim or dance off 100 miles by Halloween. That’s about 2 miles a day. Perfectly doable with planning. Their community and Instagram hashtags are a great place to meet like minded fitness ladies, all on their own fitness journey. Their motto, love, sweat, inspire, share. Check out Frisky Fall for fitness inspiration and motivation. 14984096639_61c5f86329_o

A quiet weekend at home spent reorganising magazine workout tear outs (too many) and recipes from bursting folders, cycling, running, reflecting and enjoying the sunny weather. Saturday morning I busted out a great total body circuit with some old favourites medicine ball lunge twists and sandbag swings and now new favourite plank jumps runs (mountain climber x 3, jump feet to hands and back out, repeat). As the sun was out for the first time in days (okay, 3), beach then a bike ride to the W hotel. It has some pretty amazing views overlooking the coastline of Barcelona. I even found a Bliss Spa! Maybe one day, but first I have to sort my hair out. Despite getting it trimmed Friday, I may have to invest in a hairdryer (gasp! ‘you don’t have one?’. Nope). Somedays it’s good, but it’s so fine it has it’s own set of rules. Any fine hair volume advice welcome!

Sunday morning I thought the weatherman had got it wrong. Cloudy skies and cool. Running temps! 12km with a detour that put me out of sync slightly. 5 and bit km in a triathlon was taking place with the route blocked. I made up the 2km coming back, but I was mentally in the zone of my turn around point and these last 2 were tired (I’m usually 10km) and no thanks to the sun and heat coming out for them. My game plan is these 12km runs will make the 10km race coming up easier. If I can the weekend before I might cycle the route so I have I can mentally judge the distance to speed. IMG_4947

And yes, afternoon nap/siesta at the beach. Only a few more weeks of heat, so I’m making the most of it while I can. There’s no better way to sleep off a long run than having a beach siesta and a dip in the sea for it do it’s magic on achy muscles. I swear salt water cures nearly everything. IMG_4980

And yoga. How could I forget my yoga. Last week, most evenings I got back late with heavy eyes winning over yoga. I was determined this weekend to make up for it. I’ve been when I can taking a few of Tracey Noseworthy’s classes online on doyogawithme. It’s a completely free yoga video library of all levels. The yoga I was doing before didn’t have the same level of guidance and with hers and others from doyogawithme I appreciate the guidance and awareness from the teachers. I’m really enjoying her style of vinyasa and power yoga and the buzz yet relaxed feeling from them.

And I’ve just realised it was all about the fitness this weekend. Some go like that.

Do you keep magazine workouts? Do you take any yoga online classes? If so, which sites do you prefer? Hope you had a great weekend!



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    I started doing yoga with this program called healing yoga. They also have all their episodes online. I love your photos.

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      I’ll definitely check out the yoga, thank you! And thank you to the photos. Some times I think I should just make here photos!

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