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Does anyone else secretly people watch on the metro out the corner of your eye or pretend to day dream but are actually thinking eh? What? Oh! No! WTF?! Why? I like her bag! I do and I know I’m not alone. Not every journey, but some when I’m not in the mood for music and just want to sit. The trick is not to be caught out. Still working on that, but it’s fun to guess who’s a tourist, who’s local, happy, sad, weary, away somewhere else, drunk. I try not to judge and when I do a quick ‘Natalie! You don’t know their story!’, sorts me out.IMG_0060_2

But there are some odd people out there. Strange looking too, but who am I to judge, they probably think I’m strange too. Here they probably think it’s odd, I let those off first before I get on. Something drummed into me from travelling on London underground for 3 years. Tube drivers are the best. Thanks to cctv the driver can pick someone out to stop blocking the door, ‘Yes, you with the red rucksack’ We’re not moving until you alight. There’s an other train in 2 minutes.’ Or tell everyone in peak travel to take off rucksacks. The equtiette here isn’t the same, but people seem more happy to take the metro. It runs a lot more smoother with few delays to the tube (as we say in London). But I do like the keep right rule of moving around London underground. Here it’s all for one. Or maybe they’re keeping left and that makes sense to them as they drive on the left. I’ve noticed in whichever side of the road a country drives on, that’s the side of the road people walk on. Regardless, let those off before getting on!

And speaking of odd looking, I’ve decided to address my hair and embrace styling and looking after it better. I’m generally low key about it. Ponytails working out, running and at home. Down the rest of the time, a bit of surf/sea salt spray and some oil, but it’s been lacking lustre and style. And as with any bad hair day, it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. Down’s recently has been scary. I’m sure it scares some on the metro. Multiple ponytails a day, remove product, leaving it either greasy from touch ups, or just plain dry wire. I’ve looked into fine hair air drying volume techniques and stocked up on hair grips/bobby pins. Hair dryer’s the last option! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Do you people watch on public transport? What are your travelling pet peeves?



  1. […] found this up in Sephora a few weeks ago to help out tame my hair. While styling is work in progress, this has been making it shine and look healthy. Cruelty free and free from parabens, phthalates, […]

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    Unfortunately, my secretly is more “obvious staring”. LOL P has told me to “stop staring”. I don’t mean it in a bad way. I think I”m staring but then get in a zone so I’m not really staring at the person… Does that make sense? And as for staring on the path/subway — oh, I wouldn’t dare. BUT I do keep myself ALERT at all times. I think I am more paranoid than anything else. It’s like when I’m running alone, if I see a truck/van parked on the street, I’ll cross the street and run the other side. I’m so afraid of getting abducted.

    I’m glad you’re going to start addressing your hair more. I said I would do same and then decided to cut the damn thing because I thought it would be easier — nope, I still just pull it back. I”m more concerned on getting the kids where they need to get to and me getting to work and being able to run or workout. So sad.

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      Ha ha! Yes, it does make sense. I go into that zone too! I cross the other side of the road too for the same reason. It’s the same reason when I ran in France I put my hair up in a bun running as some of the lanes were dimly lit. Walking home at night if I hear footsteps behind or someone coming I’ll give a quick glance as it deters them if you’ve got a glance of them. Safety first!

      AS for the hair, I’m looking a low maintenance volume and got a great serum that helps keep in shiny and healthy looking (it’s only been day 3, so don’t listen just yet). Currently it involves twisting sections of hair back and pinning with bobby pins while it dries and I do other things. Goodness know what it’ll look like when I have to rush out! Hair dryer is the last option!

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    I’m used to biking now so my pet peeve is being on transport itself, I get quite anxious if I have to take the bus!! It can’t get there quick enough for me. Sounds like you secretly had a blast on the tube 😉 I hope the hair planning and doing goes to plan xxx

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      I know the feeling! I usually bike everywhere as I’m prefer to be moving rather than stuck in traffic. I only use the metro if I know I’m coming back from the city centre with food, something too heavy or bulky for my rucksack or late back. It’s a 20 min walk and train in, 40 min bike ride in and 40 min bike ride back! Hope you have a great weekend!

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