Beauty Finds: DIY Sugar Exfoliator

While I’m a huge natural skincare junkie, I know in the back of my mind I can do without buying as many products. I can save on plastic and money. One such product is facial, lip and body exfoliators or scrubs. Today I’m re-sharing my go to exfoliating ingredient, sugar!

I used to use this sugar scrub a lot before wanting to try out coffee and other sugar scrubs. It’s really easy:

Just add as much sugar as desired to your cleanser or body soap, gel. Preferably enough it doesn’t dissolve before application. Gently rub into skin using circular motions, rinse away and/or remove with a warm damp face cloth. Use about 2-3 times a week. 

If adding to sugar your cleanser isn’t your thing you can also make a paste like scrub by adding for example olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil for a more deep cleansing scrub! See here for my easy DIY vanilla coconut lip scrub!

Super easy right? 

Sugar’s an amazing exfoliator for skin as its gentler than salt, abrasive enough to remove dead skin cells even for the most sensitive skin. Sugar’s a natural source of glycolic acid or AHA which helps break down flakey skin, help support cell turnover for a brighter, glowing complexion! Glycolic acid can also help with reducing scarring, skin discolouration and reduce appearance of fine lines a wrinkles! 

It’s also great when travelling if you want to save on space. I usually save the sugar packs you get with teas and coffees. One of them is enough for 1-2 facial scrubs mixed with cleanser. 

Okay, confession time. I wanted to try out the coffee scrubs to see if I could replicate them at home. Now I no longer drink coffee, I have a load of old unused Nespresso pods kept solely for the reason to make my own scrubs. I kept getting swayed by newer products coming out and that they take a while to use up with 1-2 weekly uses. I have 2 more coffee body exfoliator packs to get through and I’m blinkering myself to new products. I’ll be experimenting soon with further DIY sugar and coffee scrubs and I’ll for sure being sharing the results! 

Have you tried or use DIY sugar scrubs or go for store brought?