Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy March!

This was a short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourites this week of things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. Then I got typing. Uh Oh! This week’s been all over the place however my phone’s cracked screen finally fixed, a tooth’s fixed and a few other appointments over with. And with that, things I’ve been liking this week! 

Fresh Ginger Tea

I have P to thank for this! Travelling last month my allergies started playing up, we’d been cooped up in aeroplanes, so P decided in addition to hot lemon in the mornings, fresh ginger tea to help keep our immune systems up. While I put fresh ginger in my salads for the same reason I wasn’t initially keen on the taste. Now I find myself craving ginger tea in the evenings! It’s so easy to make. Chop off a piece of ginger, cut of the skin, chop up the ginger, place in mug, add hot water! 

Kitsch Satin Sleep Scrunchies

I have a confession. I did get the real deal silk scrunchies from Sephora. Then vegan guilt came over me and I couldn’t find if the company let the silk worm live and accepted broken strands or boiled the worm in its cocoon alive for unbroken silk strands. I felt so bad I returned them. Unworn of course. On holiday swept up in the larger amount of choice available, I found Kitsch scrunchies in Wholefoods, knowing full well, vegan silk means polyester, they’re in plastic packaging and I’m trying to reduce my plastic. That includes packaging, clothes, however I live in leggings and sweatshirts, hello plastic microfilaments in the water system. I can’t always win. I know, excuses! I did intend to taken them back for this reason but didn’t get time. Silk is meant to be kinder to skin and hair. With silk pillows, the silk doesn’t absorb all your night beauty products and doesn’t rough up skin like cotton does, which can help fight, soften, lessen pick your choice, wrinkles. Same with silk in the hair. It doesn’t break strands. I’ve been using scrunchies for a while and appreciate with fine long hair removing them, my hair doesn’t get tangled up resulting in me cutting the band. I’ve only been using these scrunchies for a little over a week and already they’re a fave! My hair doesn’t hurt up, I get a better top knot/bun and no hair so fair has tangled removing them. I noticed sometimes even with a scrunchie my hair still gets tangled and while they’re easier to remove, with theses they don’t even get tangled or snagged! Bonus you get 5 in a pack for $9.99 plus tax (which I don’t get. Just show the full price like the rest of the world!). If I could find some vegan happy, they let the silk worm hatch silk scrunchies I’d for sure use them!

There has been some shine loss and colour change but this I expect from nature of the fabric due to oils naturally occurring on hands and hair. I was surprised though it happened so quickly in a week! It’s not really noticeable when my hair’s up.

Red Panda

Red Pandas are now classified as 2 separate species! I’ve been seeing this little one a little more at the zoo. I think it’s a Chinese red panda. It’s so cute watching them eat and run around!

New Phone Screen

Last year I cracked my phone’s screen or rather someone else did for me. I came out a shop, took out my phone to check the time, someone walking past in a hurry knocked my hand and bam it slid across the pavement. The bottom left hand screen was left cracked with pieced of glass over time falling out. But it still worked so no need to take it in right? 8 months later I couldn’t use it without the icons, apps jumping all over the place. I’d put it off because of the cost. If you buy a new phone and they offer insurance, take it out! iPhone only allows you to take it out within 70 days of purchase. As usually good with dropping my phone there was no need! It would have been so much cheaper if I had. However my phone’s fixed, there was no internal damage and it feels like brand new. Also if I had taken it in sooner it wouldn’t have taken 6 hours to back up. 6 hours! I had to leave the mac and iPhotos alone hence few posts this week.

Winter Flowers. Bird of Paradise. Hawaii Vibes

These have seen better days, however they took me back to my holiday earlier this year.

Peacock And Ducks Just Because

Crash Landing On You. Netflix

Image courtesy of Goggle Images

My latest Kdama obsession! I’m only 1 and a bit episodes in and loving Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin’s characters Yoon Se-Ri and Ri Jeong-Hyeok. Storyline goes a South Korean heiress, Yoon Se-Ri testing out her new extreme sportswear clothing line paragliding crash lands in North Korea after a freak storm. Ri Jeong-Hyeok finds her and tries to help her back to South Korea while keeping it secret from his army superiors. You can guess the rest. I’ve been laughing out aloud and now have to pace myself binge watching. Dramabeans recaps, my go to for Kdrama recaps which I’ll no doubt binge read too, helps me with things like cultural references, I’d have missed. I get just as excited reading their recaps as watching the shows. You can feel their excitement or non exictment in recaps. I’m happy Netflix isn’t shortening it into 2 seasons. Kdramas are known for being 16-24 episodes per show each an hour plus long! That’s why I don’t watch movies!

Knee Raise To Side Lunge

I got this move from a Tone It Up, Studio Tone It Up workout. Mondays I love working inner and outer thighs moving laterally and twisting after the weekend which always seems to working in a linear direction. This move is really easy working core, balance, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, outer thighs opening up tight ups. Start starting tall with good posture feet hip distance apart keeping core engaged throughout. Loose the core, loose your balance! Bring the right knee up to hug it then sweep it round out to your right behind you into a side lunge. The right knee will be in the side lunge squat position with the left leg stretched diagonally in a lateral/side lunge. Optional to keep the left leg foot forward or out for a surfer lunge position. I find it easier/more comfortable in a surfer lunge. Return to start by lifting /sweeping up towards your left the right knee back forward to standing position. Optional back to hug it and move directly into the move again or set it down to restart the move. Switch sides after desired reps! I find this move a nice sweeping motion that also focuses on my balance while working my inner outer thighs, quads, bum and opening up tight hips!

Quote Advice for Monkeys and anyone else from Kora Organics Blog: Your 2020 Bazi Horoscope

Best Advice: Great year to grow through challenges. You might not be able to change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to get where you need to go. 

For meeeee (Bill Burr podcast fans will know the ref!), so true at the moment.

Internet Finds 

Kenya bans commercial slaughter of donkeys. BBC News. This great news! Kenya in the last few years has been slaughtering donkeys almost to the point of extinction for the Chinese traditional medicine market. The only worrying thing, they’ve been ordered to find something else to slaughter. 

Protecting whales from noise people make in the ocean. BBC News.

Kitten ‘saves blind brother’s life’ by cuddling up with him after being dumped. The Mirror via Apple News

Crash Landing on You: The defector who brought North-South Korean romance to life. BBC News

The Untold Journey of Recycled Clothes. Unravel. Real Stories Original. Youtube. I had a giggle at the irony of the girls at the Indian recycled clothes sorting centre. Rumour goes, the west throws away perfectly good clothes worn only a few times due to water shortages. No water to wash them. If only they knew the amount of water taken to make then in the first place which in turn is causing water issues.

How The Full Moon Affects Us. Kora Organics Blog

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Please share in the comments below! Have a great rest of the weekend and a week ahead!


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    That ginger tea looks dangerous. Do the ginger pieces make it into your mouth?? Biting into ginger has to be the worst feeling in the world, hahaha. I hate it! (and I often suffer it as Chinese put ginger in most dishes!!!)

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      Hehehe! It’s not dangerous! The ginger pieces seem to stick to the bottom while drinking it. Occasionally when feeling badass I take piece and chew on it. But then I’m weird!

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