Pets That Surf

If any of you have pets, particularly a cat or dog, you’ll know that when you unroll your workout mat or yoga mat, there’s a debate as to whose mat it actually is. It doesn’t even have to be a mat. Blankets around here have the same effect.

Most mornings when I workout and or do yoga in the evenings, AJ will come and sit on my mat for a bit before I tell him it’s workout time. Some days he’ll dance over it wanting head scratches like this morning, other days he won’t budge. When he does it’s not without giving me disapproving looks. He’ll also walk under me in downward dog like it’s nothing. Diesel on the other hand is happier to run around and back kick off the walls instead. Sometimes I’m working out and they’re playing tag, wrestling on the sofa.IMG_4594 But these antics are nothing compared to this little guy. Kama the pig from Hawaii loves to go SUP with his human dad nearly everyday. He knows when to move with the wave and doesn’t like the smaller waves. He prefers the much bigger waves as they’re way more fun. He even has his own sponsors!

The original article is here on Nat Geo and features some SUP goats, surfing cats and dogs along with a surfing Llama. I kid you not. I don’t think AJ and D wouldn’t be into SUP. Maybe D, he has a thing for running water, but I’ve always imagined his sport would be skateboarding with a mohawk.IMG_4228

Do you have a pet that debates whose mat it is? What crazy antics to they get up to while you stretch it out? I imagine toddlers being the same!

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