Weekend Friday Favourites

If The Holidays as the Americans say is your thing I hope you’re having great holidays. As Weekend Friday Favourites has been on a hiatus lately, I’ll keep chit chat to a minimum.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. Basically things I’m currently a little obsessed with. Aj and D the cats, always.


This was meant for AJ as the vet recommended heated blankets for his arthritis as it gets colder. AJ isn’t a cat that likes heat. D will happily snuggle as close as he can to the radiator, AJ will keep his distance. He loves blankets but doesn’t like being covered up in one. Rather than get plug in heated blankets I found on amazon a self heating one. It’s like the silver foil heat trapping blanket that reflects the animal’s heat back at it. As it makes all types of exciting cat crinkly noises D loves thumper kicking it and all important sunbathing on it. AJ took to it 2 weeks after it arrived. I had to move to a different location for him to try it, however once he found how warm it is, he’s been spending more time on it.

Hema, Almond Marzipan in Dark Chocolateimg_6053

I gave up eggs long before I became a vegan as they’ve always been too rich for me. That said I ate them in cakes and marzipan. Marzipan was probably harder to give up than lemon sponge cakes as I love love love marzipan. Hema’s a Netherlands home store that’s open recently and every now and then I pop in. This occasion I was hungry and wanted something sweet. To my surprise this is dairy and egg free as was so nice I got 2. That’s a lie, I got 2 hoping they were nice. They were.

TopShop OBI Quilted Cross Body Bagimg_6074-1

I used to shop in TopShop all the time then moved to France, stopped and never really bothered back here. Passing by earlier a few weeks ago something said go in and look at the bags. I did and found this cute faux lambskin cross body bag. It’s slightly larger than the cross body bags I’m used to however I’m enjoying the extra space while not stuffing it full. That’s what a rucksack’s for which if you cycle you can’t avoid not using one.

AJ and D (on their self heating blankie)img_6136img_6016

These 2 have been superstars this week looking after their Mama while I was ill, even if they tried to feed themselves and left me this to tidy up. img_6592


I purchased a newspaper solely for the purpose of stuffing wet shoes. Seriously I did. I have zero shame in admitting so.


I’ve always loved sliders and recently found out my gym has some ‘proper’ ones which is great as it means I can stop using gym machine wipe down paper, which I was using as slides. Currenlty I’m playing around with plank drags: Similar to a wheelbarrow when someone holds your legs and you walk forward, except your feet/toes are on the sliders and you walk yourself forward using your arms keeping a plank position with abs in tight. It’s way harder than it looks but equally is as much fun. Walking/sliding back’s the easy part which is rest!

I’ve also been having fun with plank arm extension slides and plank twists.

Plank arm extensions: In a plank position with sliders under hands slide 1 arm forward return to start then the other (keeping the plank stationery). Your supporting arm will flex like in a push up. Alternate or repeat with same arm (you can also extend arms out laterally, 45 degrees etc). I’m working up to sliding both arms out simutainously!

Plank Twists. In a plank position with sliders under toes/feet slide one leg out and underneath to the opposite side so it resembles a fallen angel/break dance move with opposite arm to leg sliding up in the air. This one really targets the core and obliques. And of course using them with curtsy lunges and skater touch downs.

Internet Finds

CNN Color Scope, Blue. Some ancient languages didn’t have a name for the colour blue and I didn’t know that blue eyes are really pale brown eyes.

The man who looks are 735 dogs. BBC News

Curvy squirrel Olivio rescued from Munich manhole, then eats a lot. BBC News

10 amazing creatures hiding in Brunei’s rainforest. CNN

Ballerinas storm the streets of Cario. BBC News

Tone It Up HITT for the Holidays. A fun Tabata style workout.

Architects of Change, Kris Jenner. YouTube

The Late Late Show. Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas. Carpool Karaoke. A little cheesy but hey it’s Christmas!

What’s been making you smile recently? Happy Christmas!



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