To Gym Or Not To Gym

After all the excitement of thunderstorms and rainbows yesterday, the sun was out to play all day.

Quads, shoulder and abs workout this morning, with the help of AJ. Nearly all my workouts are done under his watchful eye. He loves any opportunity he gets to sit on a yoga mat. D did his usual of chasing sunspots and bird patrol.IMG_0801 IMG_0795I’m in two minds whether to rejoin a gym. When I moved to France, the local gyms were either too expensive, too far away without a car or for heaving lifters with no room for burpees and I love to burpee. The solution was to workout at home and now I’m used to it. I like that I can roll out of bed, not worry about make up, after gym hair and get the workout done for the rest of the day. I have all the equipment I need with the exception of a BOSU and 8kg + dumbbells. With a gym, I’ll have heavier weights that my legs are craving, meet people/make friends, maybe get the spark back teaching fitness again (injury, certificate problems, moving and teaching English, put it on the back burner) but then there’s gym fees and the travel thing. I’ve checked out a few and have a few more to check out and said after the furniture arrives, I’ll decide. There are still boxes to sort out. I’m dragging my feet on this one! My old gym is in the running, though when I had a quick tour, few things had changed, but it has got an all year round sunbathing terrace over looking the sea for just €43 a month. That might sway me. Again.

Rainbow cycling back from gym huntingIMG_8494

Once this place is unpacked and the unofficial holiday/vacation month of August is over, this girl has to work. August here is generally the hottest month, so most take time or save all their 4 weeks to take it off. That gives me time to work on my Spanish, figure out what to do and plan it.

In other news, lemon works a treat on removing yellow discolouration on nails from nail polish and suncream. I don’t wear nail varnish as I don’t like the feel of it, however suncream on my toes discolours the nail and today I had enough. Yes, I wear suncream on my feet, it’s skin, it’s out in the sun, it can burn or have nastier stuff happen to it. Suncream isn’t just for the face and arms! Thanks to a Comso tip years ago, lemon juice or rind can remove the stain. I use the rind of half a lemon (I saved the juice for salad dressing), rubbed it over the nails and Bob’s your uncle, hello nails!

Do you prefer working out at home or a gym? What are your pros and cons for both? Do you have a lemon beauty tip?


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