Run Like A Girl

The cool air this morning had me dancing running. Most of my relatively early morning runs recently have left me nearly melting to the pavement thanks to the heat. As much as I love the sun and hot weather, I secretly like a cloudy day every now and then to get stuff done without the intense heat. Thanks to the cool air, I had energy for 8km with some exploration and found some new beaches tucked hidden away. That’s one thing I like about running, you get to explore places you probably wouldn’t go walking. IMG_1315

And while we’re talking about running, have you seen Always latest ad? A mix of ages male and female are asked to show what it’s like to run, punch and fight like a girl. Most do usual flapping arms, giggle girl, however when the 10 year olds come on they own their run, punch and fight. The message behind the ad considers why girls loose confidence after puberty. Negative stereotypes and comments stick more that the positive. No one like to be told they throw like a girl. Confidence drops.

Much of how we were in high school shapes us for the rest of our life and it’s hard to shake off that image we still carry around. I know, I still have my hang ups. I sometimes wonder what I would have been and how things would have been if I wasn’t so shy, a good two shoes, had been more confident, maybe even a little rebellious. Would I have pushed myself further if I hadn’t of wanted to be accepted so much (girls were mean in high school)? Where would I be now? Would I have more drive, more self worth, greater self belief? The consequences were always too great (or was I afraid?) to rebel or be different both at home or school. There are so many ifs, past, present and future that I often don’t have the confidence to go okay, let’s do this. Would I feel the same way, if things had been different?

So many of the women I admire are the ones who have their own run, punch and fight. They broke the stereotypes, rose above the negativity, made it their own and know all about empowerment, just like these 10 year olds. Have a tissue ready and get ready to admire these young ladies, who show the rest of us, just what it’s like the run like a girl. Then spread the word to girls (and boys) of all ages, we can learn a thing or two from these sassy ladies.







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    I am the biggest fan of that video!!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for posting

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      No worries 😉

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