Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Orange, the colour of energy, sunshine, warmth, fun, creativity, happiness. It’s like Marmite*, you either love it or hate it.

When I first saw the challenge was orange, immediately an in your face loud bright blue orange popped up as did in my eyes an equally not so attractive shade of copper orange. I thought where in my photo library is there orange? I’m not a fan of orange! I don’t even like oranges! Only orange juice! Thinking about it for few days I realised I do like orange, just certain shades. The warmer pinks and yellow shades. I wear orange in the summer when I have a tan as I like how it makes my tan pop. I like the yellow orange of pink grapefruit peel, Tigre makes me smile, Orangutans are majestic. Dragon flowers are fierce, a vibrant tropical orange has me day dreaming of the Tropics (Hawaii!), Sunrises and sunsets, orange can be soft or strong. I wear gold bracelets and rings but prefer them plain gold, no gemstones as I like the way the colour plays by itself. My sunglasses are a red/orange/yellow tint. Orange make a fantastic accent colour. Mr Aj is ginger and white and he’s handsome. I’m a strawberry blonde. So yes, I do like orange. I’m surrounded by it.

Selecting photos for this challenge made me realise I miss my camera. Fingers crossed we’re reunited in the next 2 weeks! My iPhone and old compact just aren’t the same and I’ll admit, I feel a little lost without it.

Diagonal Mar, Barcelona, 2011
Barcelona 2011

Dragon Flowers, Monaco, 2012Dragon Flowers, Monaco

Sunrise, Antibes, France, 2012Sunrise Antibes

Nemo, Monaco Aquarium, 2014Nemo! Monaco Aquarium

Sunrise, Antibes, France, 2013/4Sunrise Antibes, 2013/4

Sunset, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, 2015Sunset, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, 2015

Sunset, Parc Collserola, Barcelona, 2015Sunset Parc Collserola, 2015The handsome Mr AJMr AJ

I have fantastic photo of Diesel (cat) I can’t find curled up next an orange cushion where his coat pops next to the orange. I beginning to think I imaged taking it as I can’t find it, yet is so vivid in my mind that I swear I took it. Which is probably why I remember it so vividly, I didn’t take it!


*Marmite is a British salty tasting yeast spread. Not to be confused with the Australian Vegemite, a slightly less salty tasting yeast spread.

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?” title=”WPC Orange” target=”_blank”>WPC Orange


  1. says:

    Great eye for the many manifestations of Orange. Didn’t realize you were such an accomplished photographer!

    1. says:

      Thank you! I only got my first ‘real’ camera last year and am learning as I go along!

  2. says:

    Love the Nemo pic – Oh, and AJ isn’t too shabby either. 🙂

    1. says:

      That boy knows how to work the camera. Some days he’s Mama no photos please and sticks out his double chin. Other days he’s like yeah baby! 😉

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