Trail Blazing

I waited all day last Friday to run and what a run! I knew it would be a fast run, as mine usually are later in the day, but I wasn’t expecting to have an average pace to that of this time last year, pre injury. Recovery from injury takes time and is worth all the patience when your ‘back’. Even crashing sound asleep can’t be woken on the sofa sleep afterwards is worth it. (I forgot that I crash soon after speed runs despite refuelling afterwards). Now I can start to incorporate more speed and interval runs back into my schedule. Woo hoo!

A fast 8km needs a dance

The weekend saw a lot of on line house hunting and packing. 6 weeks to find a new place and it’s a nightmare! Maybe we’re getting too picky, but some charge a fortune for some really rundown places. It doesn’t help we’re currently spoilt with an amazing sea view or that we don’t know which country it’ll be, Spain or France. It depends on the location of Paul’s next boat, how much time we have and what we can find. Add to this Aj’s getting both his eyes operated on. The vet while cleaning his teeth Friday, assessed his eyes and both have to be operated on to stop the lower eye lids rolling in. I’m hoping D will be just as gentle as he was around him Friday, nuzzling him to check he was okay. This is from a cat that likes to kick his bother out his chair. Oh, and throw in my birthday. It’s going to be a crazy 6 weeks!

Back home in his chair with D looking out for him.IMG_7596 IMG_7612

To keep the craziness in check, I’m still and will set aside workout time. Saturday’s was fun filled with energising burpees. Yes, burpees are fun and energising, working the entire body, strength and cardio. Oh and shopping! That helps keep craziness in check unless you go Saturday afternoon to Nice on a holiday weekend! I thought the rain may have put people off. No.IMG_7643

The Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, my Mum sent, only just lasted until Sunday. I made sure there was at least 2 left. I’m the only one eating them *awh* and it takes a lot of will power not to eat them all in one go. I can’t say no to the odd cream egg. Give me 6 in a box and I’m smiling and planning interval runs and HIIT workouts!

Dawn Easter SundayIMG_7646

The rain put people off the park Sunday. I’d expected it to be full of Easter egg hunts and saw only a few people braving a picnic. It was however perfect running conditions. Not too hot, not too cold. No need for layers. The park itself was particularly beautiful. In just one week it had exploded with green, flowers and birds. I even saw a Easter bunny scampering ahead and a lonesome swan! The first ones I’ve seen there in 2 years.

My speed streak continued with a fast 10km trail run, despite pausing for photos! The pausing set off my Nike app on it’s new auto pause function. I’m not sure if I like this new feature as it’s pause/restart is a lot slower than manually pause/restart. The apps free, so I can’t complain and I get to run some beautiful trails.

DSC00329Hope you had a great Easter weekend!



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