Curve Balls

Telenovelas ain’t got nothing on us at the moment. This week is having more twists and turns than a soap opera.

This week we received news from our landlord that due to the property manager in charge not fixing the place up as it should have been and a massive lift bill, he’s decided to call it quits and sell the apartment in June. That gives us 6 weeks to find somewhere reasonably priced before the summer season rates start (think one month winter rate for one week) that accept cats. That’s if we’re to stay in France. Paul left his last boat last week to have time off to recharge, blah, blah, before looking for a new yacht chef position. No can do. He’s in high demand with the summer yachting season starting in 6 weeks. More head spin, yachts come and go from all ports with employment laws a shady shade of grey. Do you follow the employment laws of the country your mostly berthed in or those at which country the boat is registered at? Or do you follow the employment laws of the owners country?

French rentals require a French employment contract, so there goes most places. The way out of this is private rentals, or summer lets, which charge an obsence amount, just because it’s summer and the South of France. We have a short window before the rates rocket. That’s if we’re staying in France! We should know next week a place to start from.

One reason why the summer rates are so high. Sunrise’s like this mornings.


I busted out this great workout this morning, that left me feeling energised. 2 circuits, 1 min rest between each circuit 3 sets, 10 reps each with little rest in-between sets due to having to high tail it to the osteopath. I also whipped out a third plank based abs circuit.

Circuit 1 

Sandbag goblet squat

Spiderman push ups

Kettle bell lateral step up with knee lift (can use medicine ball, dumbbell, sandbag)

Single leg deadlift with dumbbell fly

Circuit 2

Dumbbell deadlift with upright row and tricep kick back

Suspension trainer lat pulldown

Resistance band wide row with reverse lunge

1,2,3 shuffle touch downs 30 seconds IMG_7543

Good news at the osteo! Despite tripping up last week, the ankle is looking more of less back to normal, with just extra tension from the fall. Both ankles are looking good and strong. I asked how to massage my calves properly when they get tight to prevent repeat injury as I was concerned that the way I’ve been massaging them, might have been making the situation worse. Turns out I was nearly on the right track.

This afternoon saw the first official beach siesta of the year! When I say official, I mean swimwear, bikinis and board shorts! Happy days.


Sea water cures everything right?






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