I Hear Ya 10 Times!

Happy Spring!

The universe has 2 ways of listening to humans. Karma which deals with energy and behaviour and 2, the universe listening giving what you asked for. Karma bites, deals KO. You never see it coming good or bad. Other times you know instantly bad karma’s on it’s way. You know what you did was bad, how it’s going to bite 10 fold. You just don’t know how or when it’s going to strike, you just know it’s coming. Other times it rewards the slightest act of kindness or consideration 10 times or equally. You never noticed, you had a lucky day!

Asking the universe you never know how it’s going to listen. Sometimes it hears loud and clear giving just want you wished for. Other times it hears loud and clear, deciding what you asked isn’t worth it’s value to you or to it, twisting your wish, your want. Ask for a day of doing nothing, no chores, no work, just doing what you want! It gives you the day of nothing. A 24 hour bug that wipes you out. Sometimes it teaches you a lesson, that saying careful what you wish for. You might just get it, but not how you want. There’s always a catch! Other times it hears. It ignores. It hears, sends a muffled you have to decode response or like karma a subtle nudge.

One of my resolutions this year was to spend less time at the gym. I do my training and then I play. Lets try this! Before I know it another 20 minutes, 30 minutes has gone. The universe listened with climbing lessons. I’m never on time, always late. Gym days are on climbing days. It would make sense to climb on run days, however run days are running errands days. Thanks to my timekeeping I get to the gym with an hour and half to do my workout including cycling to climbing afterwards. Usually I’m at the gym for that time working out. I realised this week on the one non climbing gym day I have, I was spending longer than I have of late there and not enjoying it. I like the shorter more intense squeezing an hour and half training in a 45 mins to an hour training. I can play for 5 minutes, do the minimal stretching before sprint cycling to climbing which I’m late for. All while telling myself it would great if I could get here earlier to spend more quality time training. Sometimes I feel like I’m jumping around and not actually training. See the universe heard my request deciding it wasn’t that bigger of a deal and dealt with an ‘Awe, poor you! That’s all your worries?’. I’ll give you it! The catch cause? Be even more late as you can’t time schedule, I’ve got bigger things needing my assistance.

Do you believe in karma and asking the universe, writing things down, writing goals, resolutions and leaving them to fate, karma or the universe? I’m always careful what you wish for as the universe doesn’t always listen. There’s always a catch! Karma I do believe in. Karma likes balance so I try to be nice to everyone. Inside might say different and I’m Nat, stop it! Or I’m Nat don’t do this for good karma points. It doesn’t work like that! Anyways, I’ll leave ya with some catch up photos!

The meerkats are the zoo have a new enclosure 10 times bigger than their previous one 🙂 The previous residents, the mongooses have a brand spanking equally as large new enclosure 🙂 

The first day of Spring saw snow in the morning up in the mountains behind the city with sunny skies later.

Waiting. Always after a storm surfers are out.Dude! Whose wave?

Sunrises have been pretty when it hasn’t been rainy or overcast. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Chrinquitos or temporary Summer beach bars are popping back up on the beaches after a winter break so I’m taking full advantage of being able to run the shoreline. Soon I won’t be able to once the beach goers start remembering there are beaches. I never see them in the winter! 

The sea reclaiming what’s hers

I got my Spring Equinox haircut! I’ve been following lunar hair cuts for about 2 years and only in the last year my hair’s really grown. It’s had help from brewer’s yeast tablets and OWay rebuilding treatment nursing it back to health, while getting it cut every 3 months helps the length. This time the cut was a little shorter than I’d have liked, however it was the last of the damaged hair. She also blow dried it straight, which I’m not used to! Please excuse the super shiny face. I hadn’t drunk much water that day hence more oily shine, but hey new hair you get a bad selfie. 

Running errands in the centre. The focus isn’t quite where I wanted. Filtering through traffic means I have to be quick, however I like the tall buildings, bus and bollards providing a frame within frame.

I felt so much better after battle ropes one day this week. It’s amazing how working out gets endorphins going leaving you feeling 10 times better than when you walked in. 10 times should be this post’s title. 

Finding colour in the rain. 

International boules tournament. Cycling to the zoo last Sunday I wondered why the beach carpark was so busy. It wasn’t that warm or that sunny. I forgot my camera or rather I forgot my memory card. I had a little WTF why’s my camera not working moment before realising I’d left it in my Mac, so an iPhone photo. Cycling back through the carpark I kept seeing team colours and hearing lots of French. It all made sense 200 metres on. Boules! I was surprised that there was a lot of young people playing and by that I mean under 40. I’ve only ever seen old French and Spanish playing it. And I’m not saying those over 40 are old, I just saw lots of young looking people.

How was your first week of Spring? Or Autumn depending on your hemisphere? Have a great week!

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