palm trees

Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you had a great weekend! The heat started this weekend which I’m not complaining about one little bit! It feels like I’ve waited for ages to it to arrive every since it first started whispering hello at the beginning of May. I’ve mentioned before that the past few months I’ve really noticed how quickly the days shorten and lengthen, how quickly the light changes and how quickly times moves. With that in mind and the Summer Solstice in 8 days, you bet I’m going to lap up the heat until it says see ya for the Southern hemisphere. 

This week’s Weekend Friday Favourites is slightly different this week. A little catch up thrown in amongst things that have caught my eye (more…)

Marimurtra Jardi Botanic

Nestled along the rocky Costa Brava coastline is the spellbinding Marmurtra Jardi Botanic. A botanical garden that has you feeling like you’re in the royal gardens of King’s Landing or ancient Greece with it’s Linnaeus Pavilion. 

I first saw the gardens entrance on the back of a motorbike last year finding Cala Francesc, (more…)

Out And About

While I haven’t been checking in as much as I’d like the past few weeks, I’ve still been taking just as many if not more photos on my travels. A lot and if you include the zoo up there in the 1000’s. I try not to take many zoo photos, but ‘must capture’ it takes over in my escape from everything place. Anyways, keeping it short and sweet….

The chiringuitos are back ready for Easter and the summer (more…)

Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet To Come

Happy December!

The past few weeks walking past the deer enclosure at the zoo, I’ve been silently saying see ya on Christmas Eve! While technically they’re not reindeer, some have antlers, they’re deer, that’s enough for me to start thinking of them as reindeer. Growing up Christmas Eve, my favourite day of Christmas was filled with magic. Even now I get excited. Just a little because we all know who Father Christmas is really. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While Spain’s main festive present giving day’s Kings Day, Christmas celebrated more low key here to how I know it. Places close still early Christmas Eve (more…)