Early Spring Jardi Botanic Marimurtra Part 1

Good Friday we made it out the city or rather I made it out the city for the first time in ages! P travels a lot, I don’t as the cats are on multi medicine a day. It’s easier and cheaper for me to be the main long term cat carer. I’m okay with it and happy with day trips.

Late last Spring we found nestled along the Costa Brava coast line to Jardi Botanic Marimurtra or Marimurtra botanical gardens. We liked it so much it’s always on the go to list.

The gardens are spellbinding. A mix of Mediterranean and tropical. Each path’s twists and turns hold new woah moments from breathtaking sea views, nestled palm trees, beautiful flower fragrance, to ponds and stumbling across terracotta pots that make you want buy some for the balcony (no joke. The very next day!). The main star’s the gondola with in my eyes the pergona coming first place for it’s own show sparkle. Okay I’m biased, if I ever have a garden I want Marimurta’s pergona. It was windy which was great for light chasing away any clouds and for sea swirls as waves crashed the coastline. Every now and then we’d find a pocket out the wind for a moment to soak up the warm sunshine. 

As I took way too many photos, I’ll be splitting the day up over the next few weeks. I tried to avoid repeats of our last visit and focus on the smaller details. I tried! First up is the walk to the gondola. 

Well coverThe wind was in the wrong direction for bamboo songNature braids better than me!Looking down from the GondolaThe air was filled with this flowers scent!Walking back to the other parts of the garden via the gondola. The light was beautiful! 



Part 2 the mini Lighthouse and goldfish pond to follow!


  1. […] Part 2’s the walk from the gondola to the mini lighthouse and up to the koi carp pond providing shelter from the wind. The wind was strong leaving me in awe of the waves crashing into the rocks below. As I took way too many photos, part 1’s here! […]

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    Beautiful place!

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      I know 🙂

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