Spring Time

Happy April!

I’m back! Where cha go? Did you get away on holiday? Did you escape for an Easter Break? Did you loose internet connection? No, things got busy. Mr D the cat hasn’t been too well so vet visits, P’s here and there just wasn’t an opportunity to say hi, although I did escape the city for a few afternoons.

As usual with catch ups I’ll let the photos do the talking with a chit chat! 

Good Friday we made in time to enjoy a few hours at Jardi Botanic Marimurtra in Blanes. We’ve been before and it’s like walking into a tropical garden with a hint of Mediterrean. I’m not usually one for botanical gardens unless they’re filled with tropical plants filled with plenty of being someplace tropical daydreams so this one’s perfect for me. Plus it has some amazing sea views! It was super windy making for some great sea crashing the cliffs shots. I’ll be sharing more photos over the next few weeks as I took way too many photos.

D’s not been feeling too great. After a few weeks of throwing up, diarrhoea, not getting much better after his previous vet visit back in March, raiding my lunches and dinners and constantly asking for food, he may have issues with his small intestine in addition to his on going thyroid probs. He was back in and is now on special hypoallergenic food to see if it’s a protein allergy. Which Aj’s on as I can’t separate them at dinner time and that’s giving him is own issues. Insert wailing emoji.

I’m back on the monkey bars if I have a chance on long runs as I would like to run at least the Spartan Super this year and if possible the Beast. The distance training for the Beast I won’t enjoy as I’m happy my longer runs being 10-15km. If I sign up I know I have to start training the distance and then some. Indoor climbing’s fun even if it’s getting more difficult and frustrating. We’ve moved up to from blue climbs to green and there’s a huge difference in difficultly. I can feel I’m getting stronger even if physically climbing I feel the weakest in my group (while feeling stronger for my own workouts). I’m the only girl and the shortest so sometimes it feels okay, most of the time I have to work harder to reach the grips when the guys just stretch out their arms. I haven’t yet got the explosive power or swing yet and meet the floor on almost every green climb when the guys after 1-2 attempts have it. I know also it’s a mental thing which I’m working on. Sometimes it’s the grip/hold. I’m uh oh, this one’s a new shape, not gripping it enough and greet the floor.

It’s warming up slowly! I’ve ditched my winter coat in favour of denim jackets and while I can, taking the opportunity to run the shore line as much as possible before beach season starts. All I do then is dodge people going or coming back from dips/swims. 

Zoo visits as always to escape, get a nature fix. 

How’s your April going so far? Have a great weekend!


  1. says:

    I hope your cat gets better soon. Poor guy!

    1. says:

      Me too! They’re back in this Friday!

  2. says:

    Hi, sounds like you have challenges ahead with the climbing. And, lucky you, warming up in spring as we cool down for autumn. Hope your kitties feel better. Ours have a big surprise coming – tomorrow (Sunday) we are picking up a little brother for them, a 9 week old corgi pupper. That will give my IG something different to share! So, my April has started well, and looks like it will be busy. Hope your April is wonderful, and you have a good spring.

    1. says:

      Awe! I saw the little guy on IG! He’s a cutie 🙂

      How did the cats react? Are they ignoring you or looking at you like why did you bring this thing in?! Or yay, something to play with!

      The cats are back in this Friday. D’s doing a little better but still have some problems and is constantly hungry!

      This week’s been chilly and a sneak peek of next weeks weather’s making me happy. Finally hitting 20C which is going to feel so nice. The count down to summer’s on!

      1. says:

        Thanks. His mummy thinks he is cute too!

        Mini hasn’t left his spot on the bed much since Ted arrived – except for food and going outside for toilet duties. Although this morning he came and sat on ‘his’ part of the kitchen bench waiting for some cheese. He kept a wary eye on Ted. However Ted did take a swipe on his nose as he bounded up to Mini as he was waiting for me to open the gate at the door. Oh well. They will learn.

        Kayleigh has taken up residence in the garage/laundry and is keeping a low profile.

        I’m glad your weather is warming up. From temperatures in the high teens early twenties last week, there have been a few storms coming up from the Antarctic, the temperature this morning is 8! After 83 – 90 knot winds, at least it is a beautiful day today.

        I hope your Thursday is wonderful, too.

      2. says:

        Oh no! I hope the cats are okay with him now or at least warming up to him. Maybe he has too much energy. I hope Ted’s nose is better.

        It’s now the same temps as where you are. Today’s sunny blue skies with a little fog/mist out to see. Never remember the difference between fog and mist!

        Have a great rest of the week!

      3. says:

        Well, Sunday evening, and we had a play with another puppy down the road – video on IG. We have got a detente happening. This morning I held Ted nose to nose with Mini about 3 inches apart before Mini backed up a little. And just now, Kayleigh was on a ledge just above Ted’s reach, within a foot of each other. So at least we can all be in the same room together. Just as well with winter coming. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 🙂

      4. says:

        That’s progress being in the same room! I bet when it gets cold they’ll snuggle up for body heat. Cats will do anything for easy heating! Diesel will kick AJ off to nick his warm spots!

        Have a great weekend 🙂

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