Weekend Recap. Have A Cup of Coffee Ready

It was an action jam packed weekend. Wild boar encounters, kale found in the least expected place but when you think about it, the most expected place, money made on roulette, a new to go wok place and a 2 hour bike ride exploring new parts of the city.

Paul arrived late Thursday from The Netherlands where he’s working at the moment so I knew it wasn’t going to be the usual quiet weekend. Company, motorbike chauffeuring and dinners’ cooked for!

Friday the only plans were a run and a trip to the vets. Aj was meant to have his vaccinations a few weeks ago, but the vet wasn’t happy with his weight. Both boys had lost weight (their current food is the only one AJ’s tummy likes, happens to be a weight loss crunch). The vet wanted to wait 2 weeks, increase their food to see if the weight loss was just down to the amount of food. It was. Both have put weight on, but still wait for vaccinations. Aj needs to put on a little more weight for the vet to be sure it’s nothing else. The sweetest thing about Mr AJ is when he eventually gets in his transport box (he grips onto the sides) he tells you he loves you, in English. That’s what it sounds like, which worries me as I tell him that a lot.

With both boys bellies full, P wanting ride his motorbike for the first time in weeks, we made a trip into the centre to stock the fridge and for me a Sephora fix. I get most of my fresh shop locally, though some things I prefer get from the centre. Carrefour on Las Ramblas is always packed with tourists, however it’s produce is always fresh so I grin and bear the queues. I’m glad we did this time as to my surprise, kale! I couldn’t believe it, it’s like unicorns in Spain. Green juices all this week! Kale Baby!

Earlier in the week I noticed a new wok placed had opened, Pure Cuisine. We stopped by to check out the menu and ended up staying for dinner. 2 veggie woks and spring rolls! I’m hoping this place does well as unlike other woks I’ve tried here, this one wasn’t greasy. The interior is pretty cool too and the toilet signs, love ’em! And yes, I use chop sticks.

Saturday, run and motorbike ride for Paul, yoga and gym for me. A great workout with an interesting atmosphere (nearly a fight) and baby Spartan Race prep. 8kg medicine ball on the shoulder runs up and down stairs, alternating each shoulder every up down (1 reps). Medicine ball stair runs

I had wanted to go to the Chinese Lantern festival that I’d just found out was being held here, but unfortunelty it had been cancelled. Instead we hiked around Parc Collserola overlooking the city. As usual we got there at sunset so it was a night hike. I got a little spooked and jokingly said what do we do if we come across wild pigs that live in the park. I’ve met them before, when I used to volunteer at the animals shelter. They’d come sniffing around at dusk completely ignoring the dogs, paying no mind to no one. This time we’re in their habitat, it’s dark and they can be vicious. Back at the bike, Paul starts to eat an apple. A big shape trots towards in the dark. A first I thought it was dog, then I heard grunts and behind this huge boar/sow, her teenagers. I start saying hello, it’s okay. P: Don’t talk to them! Me: It’s okay, P: Get behind the bike! Me: Put the lights on to make them wary! They go to the bins under the headlight beam. Now what? Me: They want your apple, they can smell it! P throws the apple, they find it, grunting with excitement. Then they start creeping closer probably smelling the rest of the apples. I checking behind us wonder if they’re flanking. P starts the engine, they run off grunting into the woods. I finish changing my shoes the whole time checking they’re not lurking in the shadows, picking a opportunity for more apples! We both felt lucky to have seen the cheeky opportunists! Parc Collserola

On the way back, we stopped off at La Maquinsta shopping centre, so I could look around Forever21. Whenever we go to this particular mall, we play roulette. Place €1 bet each, big whales. I have no idea of the rules, just bet on whatever number feels right. It worked as I won €3! Made €1!

Sunday morning, while P packed his case, I went for a 12km run up the coast. Recently it’s been almost been like Spring and the pavements were crowed and I mean crowded. Even the walls I run along were taken up! It was a bit of a shock to see so many people out after a few months of winter. And cyclists. Where they’d all come from! Sunday Runview

After goodbyes, I had hoped to make it to the zoo in time but made is just as they closed the gate. I decided see where the bike paths take me and ended up in the old warehouse district Poble Nou, the up and coming hip district. I ending up looping back to Park Cuitatdella via Parc L’Estacio Del Nord and Arc de Triomf where I finally found that pyramid I keep seeing in Barcelona guide books. Definitely not the usual quiet weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend! Have you ever come across wild boars? Do you play roulette? What’s your favourite wok dish?

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