Change Of Routine

After five months of living solo and with my guy back, it’s time for new routines. It’ll take a little while as I’ve been used to coming and going and doing what I please!

Sunday was a rest day as he was knackered and still finding his land legs. We did a bit of grocery shopping and checked out the weekly farmers market. I don’t go very often as it’s expensive. A tiny punnet of berries can cost €4.50! I’m sure they taste perfect, but at €4.50 I walk on by. We did get however some massive beef tomatoes, green beans and a big bag of baby spinach.

The cats were a little shy saying hello to their human dad at first but were won over with their favourite snacks (Angelous nutritional yeast and Diesel crab sticks!). I’m the mean one and generally don’t give them snacks (they’re always on diet!), thought it’s a thing they have together. It’s not everyday, so I don’t mind.

It’s officially autumn/fall, however mid to late October is when it sets in along the Mediterranean. It’s still warm enough for the beach so we went to catch up on news while catching the first day of Autumn sun! As I hadn’t been out of Antibes in about two and half months we had a motorbike ride to Juan Les Pins for dinner and ended up at a Lebanese restaurant. We choose a vegetarian mix, but I ended up ordering at bowl of vegetarian moussaka as I wasn’t keen on the hummus, cucumbers, tabbouleh and whatever else was on the plate.

Monday I felt ready to up my workout and add some basic alternate single leg combination moves: squat side leg raises, alternate single leg triceps kickbacks and alternate single leg press ups. I felt strong, however about 45mins after I finished, my ankle wasn’t too happy. It left a little unstable, but nothing like a few weeks ago. I had intended to go for a bike ride before we went to see a friend, but decided to rest it instead. Next time just one alternate single leg combo!


My guy’s best friend who’s also his business partner had some papers that needed signing so we head to his boat (he’s the captain!) in Beaulieu about 15 minutes away from Monaco. Past Nice the sea coast has some amazing views.

The bikes main headlight lamp was flashing and with just over an hour left of light we headed to the BMW garage in Monaco. We were 10 minutes past closing time (Monaco shuts down at 6pm…crazy!). Luckily I’d spotted a mechanic/garage on the way in and five minutes later the bike had a new headlight. I only spotted it as it had old cars and this old Ford Mustang.


On the way back we popped into Cap3000 shopping mall for me to run around the shops before they shut at 9pm. I haven’t looked at what I call normal shops since the beginning of July and I needed a little fix. I tried on a few things, though nothing caught my eye and it seems the quality has gone down and the prices up! I hoping the foot person has my insoles ready this week, so I can get some autumn/winter shoes. I’m not a girl who likes to walk around in running shoes!

Tuesdays workout a little more basic. My ankle afterwards felt fine, so before teaching I went for a 30 bike ride. I’m taking part the best I can in Tone It Up’s #FriskyFall challenge. It’s a 6 week get in shape, motivation booster for Halloween. They always have a 100 miles by X day challenge of which you run, bike, walk etc a 100 miles. I think this time I’ll be lucky to do 20 miles, but I’ll do what I can. The previous challenges I’ve normally run and biked 150 miles. Not this time!

IMG_0511IMG_8235Does what is ‘autumn’ come late where you are? How do you find those farmers market prices?


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    Love the title of this post! My yoga teacher last night was telling us to ‘break out of the routine’. That’s my intention for this week.

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      😉 A blast of fresh air is always good!

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