Weekend Friday Favourites

The beach is where I’ll be found this weekend soaking up vitamin D. Not all day, but I’ll definitly be dropping by for an hour or 2. I’m sure there’s Netflix marathon and without a doubt be listening to David Guetta play for free (advantages of living near an open air concert venue). I won’t get much sleep as the playa parties, so that’s my excuse for 4 hours of subtitles.

Nearly prime real estate beach spot.

This week’s been busy, classes rescheduled last minute, being told the right arch pain I’ve been experiencing running recently maybe the start of it collapsing. My lovely physio’s given me calf stretches to do with a pen under the arch, not letting the pen rise. My glutes are firing better as I’ve been a good girl doing my daily activation exercises for the past two months. I thought osteopaths worked magic. An osteopath and a physiotherapist in one really work magic.

It’s also been the week of some more mistaken nationality. Add Russian and Catalan to the already French, German, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian. I was asked for directions by some Russians who asked if I spoke Russian. Nope. Out with a drink with a friend, the waitress asked for her order in Spanish and mine in Catalan. I didn’t notice until she pointed it out, but the waitress spoke so fast, I was just making sure I got my order right not to be asked twice. I get conscious of my Spanish with non Spanish friends. Most English speaking Spanish get quiter. I’m the reverse (I think) and feel all eyes watching. As it is while I can understand Catalan a little more spoken now and more written, speaking it I’m just Bon dia, Adieu. That’s thanks to the ‘grandmas’ at the gym/club who are speaking to me more in Catalan. I understand it more, but reply in Spanish. For now they don’t mind!

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites. A round up of things making me smile the past 2 weeks as I missed last weeks.

Pink Watering CanPink Watering Can

Bargain at 87c from Alcampo! For ions I’ve been using an old sports bottle. More plants mean more trips back to the kitchen. Now I just 1 more trip back to refill. Gardening chic!

Maranta/Prayer Plant and Entrance Hall TableMaranta PlantZara Home Gold Leaf Bowl/Tray

I’ve been meaning to tidy the entrance table or get in dump keys, sunglasses table for a while. Browsing Zara Home’s sale I found a gold decorative leaf bowl/tray. I wasn’t sure if it would work as the table’s quite basic. Fortunately it did, but something was missing. In Alcampo, literally the next day, a Manata or prayer plant (called so as it’s leaves curl up at night) caught my eye. Again I wasn’t sure if it’ll work, but the 2 pull each other together. I swear cycling back with it, it started to perk and when I water it, its leaves dance.

Windscreen Wiper Stretch

I did this stretch a the end of Kathryn Budig’s Yogaglo Big Daddy Visvamitrasana class and have been hooked on it ever since if you can get hooked on a stretch. It feels oh so good and targets the IT band, quads and bum. Similar to a lying spinal twist, but with feet hips distance apart and twisting side to side, like windscreen/windshield wipers. The part that got me hooked, is placing the bottom foot flexed just above the top knee and holding a few seconds. After my runs, I can’t state how feely good it is! The only online source I could find is here, Flank.

Internet Favourites:

Buster The Cat Opens Door for Dogs. But he ain’t chivalrous.

Bamboo (the dog) Skates del Mar Dog Beach. You can tell he’s pro as he gets speed up like humans.

Bono The Surfer Dog. He and his human have their own Instagram account showing off Bono’s fearless surfing skills.

16 Things to Love About Squirrels. I didn’t know they zig zagged as get away or pretended to drop food.

Lucky Iron Fish. Such a great simple idea to help out countries that have high iron deficiney rates get iron into their diets.

Tone It Up and Lauren Conrad’s, 10 Ways to Workout For Free. Never underestimate a skipping/jump rope workout or stair workouts! The fun is endless!

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a fantastic weekend!

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