August 2022. The Hot Month Part 1

Happy New Year!

Baby cattle crane. One of my favourite photos last summer

August as always was hot. Catalunya had a few heatwaves, none as intense as south of Spain. For the most part it wasn’t as humid as previous summers. Being less humid didn’t make any difference to sea water being the only thing that cools you down, for rest of the day on a hot day. There’s something magical about sea water. Back in August, you couldn’t get me out the water when I finally made it to the beach. It’s the only place I wanted to be all day. Just to escape.

Baby mullet

August was quiet as Little Lady aka Koa arrived in July. I thought Mr D was the happiest go lucky cat there was. Koa, she’s just a happy cheerful cat. She’s never known anything bad (I hope it stays that way), she’s just happy light. I forgot how quickly animals come to trust you if they wish. Mr D or Diesel it was automatic. AJ, I knew when he was getting my attention to remove another cat’s claw from his face (the shell bit of claw). Koa, it was me that took time to warm up. For her, the first night. Almost like AJ had planned it and had given instructions.

I can’t believe how much she’s grown in 5 months! She’s always up to some exploring, initially giving me heart attacks. There’s a huge storey drop from here! She just wanted to be close when I was on the balcony that I had blocked off for a few months.

The summer light was amazing

August’s Sturgeon Moon

Trees were fully dressed for a few weeks until the heat got too much. Combined with less rain this year, the leaves turned quicker.

Barcelona is filled with amazing graffiti if you look up!

I personally loved this work, however it was only up for a week until graffitied over. It was the surfer girl I liked.

A week later…

Prairie dogs pups almost grown up at Barcelona Zoo!

That face! Gibbon Barcelona Zoo

Plaza Catalunya

Posting parcels from the most fanciest post office in all the lands. There are others closer, however I always go to the post office at the bottom of Via Laietana. It’s just that bit extra.

All I see is Mayan or Aztec faces

Heron, Barcelona Zoo

Cattle Crane Barcelona Zoo

Baby pompanos/Trachinotus ovatus

Keeping cool hugging her ice block

Beach flowers

Somewhere in El Born

Roman Towers/Torres Romans

Until next time! Thank you for getting this far!

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