Early Spring

While many of us are watching spring from our windows this year and celebrated the official first day of spring inside, nature doesn’t do dates. She does arrivals. Spring started saying hello at the end of February back when we were allowed out in freedom. While summer holds a place in my heart as my favourite season, spring is very close second by a fraction. Watching everything wake up after winter gives a warm feeling of longer warmer days ahead.

The sun come the end of winter has a warmth to it. The light’s bright, trees start getting dressed, people and animals start to hang out more in the sunshine thanks to the longer days. Finding a sunny sheltered spot out of the wind is heaven! Anyways, early spring photos at the zoo and running errands. Apologies if there’s too many or if you’ve seen here them before.

Cherry blossom’s always spring. This is all the blossom I saw this yearThe same for Jasmine one of my favourite flowers and scents. All the jasmine I saw this year Plane trees starting to get dressed while shedding seed pods. Parakeets JackdawSunbathing! Heron watching dinnerDSCF9211 (1)DSCF0449The arrival of these guys at Barcelona Zoo means spring! Ducks are always at Barcelona Zoo, my sanctuary in the city. Spring means more ducks out or dropping by to visit. My views on zoos here. Napping standing upDSCF0144 (1)DSCF0970That early spring light! DSCF0836 (1)Fog coming in off the sea usually happens here in spring and autumn What else says spring than baby kid goats?!

Were you lucky enough to see spring from outside or like many in Europe under lockdown?



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    I caught some of the flowers here since mid March! But I don’t go out often anyway.

    I don’t know if I asked you before, how come there are so many parakeets in Barcelona?? I’ve never seen “wild” parakeets anywhere else hahaha.

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      I’ve seen so little flowers since mid March, any not matter how tiny make me smile!

      It think the tale goes why so many parakeets in Barcelona is some say they escaped at the port and airport. Others say from the zoo or as pets. Since then they’ve exploded and are now considered a pest. The town hall wants to reduce the number but their method might also reduce the native birds: contraception in bird feed. Monk parakeets you can also hunt. https://www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/features/barcelona-tropical-parrots/ Explains it a bit better!

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