I Felt That!

The past 2 days have been absolutely crazy: I twisted my ankle, Paul had the longest interview ever in the yacht business, we experienced 2 earthquakes, Aj gets his heart checked out, I had a parakeet grooming my hair and Paul has an article published! I couldn’t make this up if I tried, so I’ll begin at sunrise yesterday…

I woke up to my usually tranquil sunrise being noisy. Normally it’s so quiet I can hear a neighbours cat playing in the garden 5 floors down. A tender crossing the bay drowned out the birds and the cars were non stop. The day didn’t have a good vibe and it wasn’t a case of the Mondays!IMG_7165

During my last set working out, I trip over one of the dumbbells I was using as a substitute ladder for parallel ladder high knees. On the last few I had a voice saying, they’re a bit close together, I look down and down I went. OUCH! Result: twisted ankle, swollen foot. Luckily the achilles held. Work and fresh air cancelled with the spent rest of the day, icing, moping, sleeping, annoyed at what I’d done! By evening time, I could just hobble. I did get to read magazines and start a few bracelets. Thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Careful what you wish for!

Paul had a interview at 2.30pm that lasted 5 hours! The longest interview ever probably in the yacht industry! Both sides had a lot of questions as the diet is unusual for yachts: macrobiotic.

Pigeon duty. Protecting Mum from pigeons.IMG_7197

Paul came home to me tucked in bed as that’s where I’d resolved myself moping and resting. I got fed up of the sofa! I think the cats were relived he took over looking after Mama. While giving me the low down about the interview the room starts shaking. Paul asks ‘Do you feel that?’, ‘Yes’. It stopped for about 2 seconds then we hear things in the roof move and the shaking begins again, I cry, ‘It’s an earthquake!’ I look at him, thinking ‘How am I to run quickly to the door frame? ‘Do I have enough time?!’ ‘That’s what they do in the movies right?!’ It lasted about 5 seconds. The cats were fine, carried on as usual! I thought they were meant to act differently shortly before earthquakes. The only difference is that they’ve both been talking more at night. When the shaking stopped we immediately Googled ‘tremor in Antibes’, to find we’d experienced one 5.0 earthquake and it’s aftershock of the same magnitude. Scary! I know there’s a fault line running down the Mediterranean Sea, which normally behaves itself outside of Greece and Turkey. We’ve always said we’re not living in or near an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or active volcano zone, and this one came from the Alps!

From www.emsc-csem.orgIMG_0671IMG_0672Oh and Game Of Thrones season 4’s started! Monday nights are now booked for the next 9 weeks! I for once have an early night and didn’t set the alarm to allow my body to rest and do it’s healing thing. It worked. I was woken by the buzzer this morning to collect a parcel from the lobby. I surprised myself with speed I shot out of bed and collected it! I could walk! That’s why I train and eat the way I do. Now can that work on my achilles?!

I probably shouldn’t have, but I did, a workout. A Tone It Up total body routine, without any jumps or twists. I wanted someone else to plan it today! I modified a few moves, took my time and felt better afterwards. I iced the foot before and after and I’m really surprised how well I’m walking. I’m not one to rest on my laurels, so I’m taking it easy! It’s still swollen, a beautiful colour of red and blue and it’ll be a while before I can do upward dog and sitting crossed legged without winching!IMG_7213We recently found out that 2 of Mr Aj’s litter bothers had heart problems and sadly passed away earlier this year. He has a teeth clean coming up and the vet wanted to make sure he’s fine to go under with an echograph (like a baby scam but for the heart) test. While waiting, Rocky the resident parakeet decided my head was the perfect place to preen himself and my hair. He sat trampled on my head for about 10 minutes chirping, playing with Paul. He felt like one of those head massagers!

IMG_0034IMG_7226 The Vets resident cat. Happily ignores everything and everyone.IMG_7227

Mr AJ got the all clear! He has a strong healthy heart! I can’t believe a month today he’ll be 12. We’ve had him since he was a 6 week old, ball of orange and white fluff with blue eyes. Diesel full of brotherly love when we got back checked out the carry case, demanded dinner and ignored his brother. Such love!IMG_6931

Somewhere in between all this, Paul had his second blog published on The Staff Canteen about the life as a yacht chef on the ocean waves!

I wonder if the next 24 hrs will be just as crazy?!





  1. says:

    Your week was exciting as well as I see o.O But there was also an earthquake in Germany once, a few years ago. But I don’t know how strong it was

    1. says:

      It’s swings and roundabouts around here! One week, not much goes on and the next everything!

      1. says:

        Haha yes! It’s always like that!

  2. says:

    Sorry about your ankle. Hope it gets better real soon! What a gorgeous sunrise!!

    1. says:

      Thank you! I’m hopeless this past year with injuries!

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