Earth Day 2019

Happy Earth Day!

Protect Our Species is this year’s Earth Day theme. Everything in nature’s balanced and linked. I don’t have to tell you us humans have altered the balance and links causing climate change.

Bees, giraffes, great apes, coral reefs, whales, insects, elephants, sharks are just a few of the thousand of trees, plants, birds, animals, fish, crustaceans that could be wiped out this century due to climate change. No bees or insects to pollinate plants, no food for everyone. Bee’s are amazing insects. They dance to tell the hive where they’ve found food for others to stuff their pollen pants. Each bee has a specific hive roll like ants do. Pesticides are killing them off.

Habitat loss, poaching, trafficking, unsustainable agriculture, pollution, plastic, deforestation, over fishing along with climate change are just a few issues many animals face. All caused by us humans over last few centuries. Yes few, it started with the industrial revolution nearly 200 years ago. Unlike humans they can’t speak up for themselves with hashtags. Us humans can on their behalf. Being aware and making small daily changes all help. I know you’ve heard it many times before, reduce plastic consumption, especially single use plastic, adopt a plant based diet or go all the way, go vegan! Reduce meat consumption, find out what risk animals are facing and how you can help. Reduce palm oil consumption, add an extra layer in the winter before turning up the thermostat, beat out summer temperature a degree or 2 when decreasing the air conditioning. Recycle less by reusing, buy a little less, ask if you really need it. Fast fashion is a major climate change contributor! WWF, has more info on how to help protect our species. I have some tips and ideas on my Recycle Less page as I reduce my own plastic consumption.

Get outside in nature! Appreciate it! Soak it up! Nature gives us so much. It’s only fair we help look after it in return. Earth will survive with or without humans as it adapts to a new climate balance. We only have one unique planet Earth and it’s one amazing planet to live on!




  1. says:

    Beautiful pictures that emphasize your point about doing everything we can!

    1. says:

      Thank you!
      If everybody did something it would help. Unfortunalty not everybody can or wants to.
      All photos were took in Spain, but could be anywhere in South Europe which just emphasis the point everything is linked!

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