Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! Here’s been quiet which is fine with me. I get to hang out with this little guy. Who sleeps most of the time and is currently sleeping on my lap helping me edit.

I can’t believe that Tone It Up’s Summer Series starts in a week. Or that they’re celebrating 10 years. Makes you think what you’ve done while they’ve been conquering the fitness world. Anyway, this weeks Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. As usual, animals included.

HM Hair Ties

Photo courtesy HM. These are the kids ones. I couldn’t find the adult ones which are thicker and come in black, grey, navy and dusky pink. 5 instead of 10 for €1 more!

It seems hair ties with the knot are out. These aside from scrunchies were the only ones that didn’t look like they’re tangle up in my hair. I remember a hairdresser once recommending tights cut up as hair ties. These are similar to tights or panty hose for any America readers but a lot thicker and stretchier. Unlike hair ties they don’t make any roots or my head hurt unless I tie them super tight. They’ve been good in pony tails and top knots. Only downside once they get wet, they take a while to dry.

The Shed. Vice

A Vice reporter sets out to be the best voted fake restaurant on Trip Advisor in London. Things get out of hand ending in him hosting diners at his rental garden shed. Serving cups of soup leaving diners reminiscing about kids dinners he manages to pull it off. I love how he manages to fool everyone and how diners buy into the best voted London restaurant. Smoke and mirrors, wanting in on the latest thing and gullibility. YouTube hereArticle here.

Fahrenheit 451

I finally finished Fahrenheit 451! I started it last year, only to put it down for other books and finished it grabbing a book to read in the vets waiting room. It was a easy read, fast paced yet at times like me waffled a bit, however the theme and message can be applied to now. That said, I did enjoy reading it. I could almost feel, smell and see the night and river Guy Montag escaped the hound on. Look away from screens to see what’s really happening and those who’ve managed to look away, store books from memory or old school ways but don’t look down on those who are hooked. The main message, read, get lost in books, think for yourself, question why’s and things. And don’t set fire to books.

Heart and Hustle. Use your passion. Build your brand. Achieve your dreams. Patrica Bright

One of the few UK YouTubers I watch, Patrica Bright recently released her first book Heart and Hustle. Spilling nearly all the details on how she became one of the UK’s most successful YouTubers. Nearly as she’s also launched a course on how to grow your social media business which probably has additional tricks. For any type of business if you need a push, someone to hold your hand, talk you through what to expect, finance and accepting you for who you are, it’s well worth reading. I’m one of those that will probably have to read it every week as I get scared or rather held back by my fears. Always excuses! 

My Spanish

Due to various reasons I’m not always confident speaking Spanish. I make mistakes, nearly everything is masculine and I’m far from fluent. Plus my voice is like Melanie Griffith. I get conscious of a higher quieter voice and for that, not taken seriously. I knew my climbing teacher spoke a little English but I didn’t know how much until a new girl joined our group. I think English is her 3rd language and she’s learning Spanish. My group was Nat’s the translator! I’m no, the Italians are! They always translate when I’m unsure. My teacher when she does speak English laughs nervously or looks at me did I say that right. She’s speaks to the new girl in the English she knows and Spanish to me. I’m taking that as a compliment! My Spanish is understandable! Climbing also doubles as Spanish lessons. However once people know I’m English they always want to 80% of the time speak in English! I’m no, Spanish up until I really don’t understand your accent or I can’t explain myself in Spanish. Thankfully mostly are happy to put up with my Spanish. Just don’t ask me to spell anything in Spanish.


I don’t know what it is about the mouflon at Barcelona Zoo, but they always make me smile. I think they love posing. Or staring ask why’s she here again.  

Black Necked Ibis

I finally managed to snap this guy! I’ve seen him/her hanging around the zoo for a while but always rushing against the clock to explore the grounds before closing. Now visiting hours are later and they’re back after a break away I managed to get my shot. As far as I know they’re a visitor too, so they must feel safe in the grounds. I’m happier they’re there unlike the goose that hang around the beaches for a few weeks last year. I got worried about them as people can be cruel. 

New Lion Enclosure

The lions get a massive new enclosure soon! I think over the next few weeks while plants grow and they adapt a few of the pride  members they move in a month or 2. The new enclosure must be 12 times the size with areas away from the public. I’m hoping they’ll be happier. I’m hoping also the tigers next door get an equally as bigger enclosure. Make that all the big cats there. As I’ve said before Barcelona Zoo’s a good zoo, but many enclosures need updating.

Skater Hop to Single Leg Deadlift

This is a fun move from the Tone It Up’s Studio Tone Up app I’ll be adding to my workouts. Perform a skater hop with or without light dumbbells. Catch your balance in-between the hop and deadlift or tap your leg down to regain balance before performing a single leg deadlift. It’s a fun move that targets all the leg muscles, booty, abs with cardio!

Internet Finds 

Nearly all BBC again. I’m a little tired of their news reporting, but I like their science, nature and travel articles. I’m happy Netflix nabbed Sir David Attenborough for their nature series Our Planet. His tone is a lot more matter of fact about climate change, plastic pollution and how it affects every living thing on Earth. Plus it’s amazing viewing as it’s filmed by the same people who made the BBC Planet Earth series.

Moroccan refuge where donkeys go to retire. BBC News

Dubai hotel for sick and injured turtles. BBC News

The butterflies that could stop Trumps’ wall. BBC News

Video showing devastation plastic in pollution on Tenerife beach goes viral. El Pais in English

Meet the tyre sculptor of Lagos. BBC News

The ‘deadly’ food we all eat. BBC Reel. Palm oil!!

India eco-school: Is this the greenest campus on Earth? BBC News

Vibrant and bright:  Haiti’s fashion industry is on the up. BBC News

How one stray dog changed my life forever. BBC News. I had tears in my eye reading this.

First ever black hole image released. BBC News. It looks just how you probably though it did!

How to solve the plastic packaging paradox. BBC News

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below! Have a great Santa Semana!

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