Photos That Never Made….

While I haven’t been blogging as much as I’ve wanted the past few weeks, I’m still taking just as many photos! Some were for posts that never happened, others just because, others I forgot to share, some day to day seemed boring to talk about at the time and others taken on my travels.

Just don’t expect any selfies. Even though it’s acceptable now to take them, firstly, I feel conscious taking them, secondly I can’t take them for ****. It’s worse than looking in the mirror! Anyways, enjoy!

New towels of me, new box for the boys!Delivery! Cats eyeing up the box up!

Winter Sunrises. I think the intense colours of winter sunrises and sunsets is compensate the shorter days! Winter Sunrise over the seaWinter Sunrise over the sea

Winter sunsetsSunset Poblenou Barcelona Winter sunset from Barcelona ZooWinter Sunset Barceloneta, BarcelonaBarceloneta, Winter Sunet

Christmas lightsChristmas tree Christmas street lights

The residents of this little alley way I pass on longer runs and bike rides in Masnou, set up their own Christmas lights, leaving a notice asking if people if they would kindly respect them. As in do not steal!Masou Christmas lightsWind, clouds and light. Whenever it’s windy and clear skies in the morning, the wind hangs around for 3 days, yet the clouds come in the afternoon. The light’s different from summer months. It has a colder, sharper, clearer feel to it.Windy day, PoblenouWindy winters day, PoblenouCold day, BarcelonaWinter palm trees Seagulls fishing

Tiger wall decoration, Suyra, an Indian restaurant on Pau ClarisSurya Barcelona Cat stencil, El Borne,Cat stencil, El BorneDucks, Parc Ciutadella. This was to be my entry for Weekly Photos Challenge, Weightless. I never got around to entering it! It’s wonky, but I feel it shows off ducks cheeky personalities! But I think these are geese not ducks. Ducks, Parc CiutadellaLightening storm out to sea. The quality’s bad, but I wanted to see if I could capture something. I have so much respect now for lightening photographers! Lightening storm at sea


  1. says:

    Amazing sunrises and sunsets!

    1. says:

      Thank you 🙂

  2. says:

    Wow I love the last picture you did a great job in getting it – very dramatic. The sun rises here are worth the view with a ton of pink in the sky. I’ll get a picture and add my pink jacket to it 🙂
    The boys look happy with the box, has his upset tummy calmed? I cringed for you both in the last post, poor lad. Bless the taxi driver too, I had to chuckle a bit as I love your comedy in these situations xxx hope you all have a peaceful weekend 🙂

    1. says:

      🙂 He’s doing an lot better thank you! He feels like he’s gaining some grams and feeling solid. There’s not much I can do but laugh. If I didn’t everything would seem it’s against me. If I laugh at some of it, it’s not so bad. Have a great week xx

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