Earth Day 2019

Happy Earth Day!

Protect Our Species is this year’s Earth Day theme. Everything in nature’s balanced and linked. I don’t have to tell you us humans have altered the balance and links causing climate change.

Bees, giraffes, great apes, coral reefs, whales, insects, elephants, sharks are just a few of the thousand of trees, plants, birds, animals, fish, crustaceans that could be wiped out this century due to climate change. No bees or insects to pollinate plants, no food for everyone. Bee’s are amazing insects. They dance to tell the hive Continue reading “Earth Day 2019”

Weekend Friday Favourites

I can’t believe in a week’s time Spartan Beast will be over! I’m more or less prepared. Last year I didn’t know what to expect. This year I do which is a good thing and equally not so a good thing.sportograf-72211332_lowres

Will I fluke again the balance walks over a mud pit? Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Fresh as in the start of Spring!

I was going to feature Barcelona’s world famous La Boqueria Mercat located on Las Ramblas. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, juices, fresh fish available daily. However the trees and plants in the city are starting to wake up, the days are getting longer (the clocks go forward this weekend. Yay!), the days will be getting warmer and soon there’ll be cute baby peacocks keeping up with their mum as she’s forages in Barcelona Zoo. Springtime!

All photo’s taken at Barcelona ZooFlowers Barcelona Zoo

Flower's Barcelona Zoo

Flower's Barcelona Zoo


 Weekly Photo Challenge Fresh