April 2022. The Sunny Month Part 1

April arrived with sunny skies chasing away March’s rainy cloudy days. The storm clouds hang around at sea looking like fluffy cotton wool sculptures. Almost immediately the trees and plants started waking up and along with the sunny days things starting looking like things would be okay now it’s sunny. For some reason sunny days make everything seem better.

The geese in parc de la Ciutadella had more goslings! More photos below!

Fluffy clouds

The light was amazing. So crisp and so clear. The wind still hang around and there was only 1 I think storm of just out of nowhere tip it down and clear the air rainstorm. Some days the skies were cloud free.

I didn’t go exploring much in the city as Zoo Barcelona was open later. Instead I worked on natjtan posts. Once spring and summer arrive I don’t want to be in the city as much. Fridays in the summer is so so busy, filled with tourists it’s impossible to move or enjoy shopping. I try when the tourist season starts to go early the week to the centre. If Barça’s playing the centre’s often less busy. A free shopping tip for ya!

It always amazes me where plants grow in the tiniest of cracks.

Posters collapsed under their own weight. The roll was thick!

Electricity poles ready to be moved in the Parc Forum for the Feria de Abril Barcelona. This is when I knew all covid restrictions had been lifted. 2020 we were still in lockdown, last year 2021 it was cancelled.

The goslings! These little ones made it. None were taken!

These 2 as well made it!

Helping a drunk bee avoiding being squashed! They know you’re helping as they climb straight away onto whatever you use to take them to safer spot.

All the jasmine bushes started to wake up. My favourite flower scent!

This area of Parc de la Ciutadella is still closed off from the public. Last year it underwent renovations removing the old layout. For now it looks like the city council has planted pollinator friendly plants and maybe are letting them establish before opening to the public.

Strip lights in the spot light

Random runes by my bike before cycling back.

Barcelona Zoo otter making her territory.

That light again!

Soaking up the warm sunshine at the zoo

April 2022 The Sunny Month Part 2 next week!

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