Weekend Friday Favourites

Spartan Race comes to Barcelona in May and October this year and I can’t decide if I want to rerun the Super and Beast. I really want to run more Spartans, yet the subscriptions aren’t cheap and after running the course twice in 2 years, I want to run more Spartans or obstacle races in different locations. Although it’s held in Les Comes a fantastic place to run them with the route different for both races, the element of running them elsewhere’s appealing. I have a little time to decide. My plan was the Super, 13km in May and the Beast 21k in October. I’ve still to run the 5km Sprint, but after the longer runs, I kinda don’t want to run it as unless you’re in the first few waves, you get stuck in traffic.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyways, I hope you’re having a great weekend and I’ll leave ya with Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have been making me smile this week or caught my eye.

Skipping img_7953-1

Skipping made a comeback to my workouts the past 2 weeks and perhaps it’s my favourite cardio. Even more than running and cycling especially for short bursts. Well’ I do rounds of ’60 seconds’ that end up lasting 1-2 songs or 4-5 minutes lost trying out footwork. Not only is it great of working and toning legs, it’s great for the core, arms, back, shoulders, total body.

Beach Runimg_7862

Winter arrived Tuesday. When I say winter, daytime temps under 8C with night dipping to 1C. While for some of you that’s nothing for here it’s cold. Thankfully the sun was out as I’m not used to running in it

The Coldimg_7924

It’s nice to feel the cold on my nose and ears for a few weeks. Or days. Next week it could be back to 15C midday. It makes me appreciate summer even more when it starts to bite my fingers and toes. img_7921

Cat Snugglesimg_7968

Aj unlike his brother isn’t a lap cat. He goes through phases of wanting to sit close and this week’s been one of them or his version of being a lap cat. I suspect at it’s cold he’s really snuggling up for warmth like his brother. Diesel nearly always sleeps between my legs at night all year round and most nights when I get back I have to sit with him, however when it gets cold he’ll sit on laps. Always an ulterior motive with cats.


Wednesday’s sunset was the red sky at night for Thursday brought 4 days of wind and rain. But it was a pretty sunset.


I ended up getting 2 as the mace torture looking bits are great when your feet ache.

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Volumizing Mascara, Blacquer


My hunt for a great mascara never stops. Marc Jacobs was the only cruelty free, doesn’t sell in China brand left in Sephora I hadn’t tried that didn’t have paraffin or a palm oil derivative and I was desperate. Previous ones I thought were it, suddenly didn’t do their job after a month. The price tag isn’t cheap, so I waited until I had Sephora Card discount and I’m glad I waited and made the splurge. It lengthens, thickens, gives volume and lasts a few hours until it needs a touch up. It’s not a mega volumising mascara as sadly that one contained palm oil in, it’s fast become  a favourite.

Capture Your Style, Amiee SongOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I featured this in my Books 2016 and have finally finished reading the last few chapters a few pages every few days over breakfast and loved it. Even if you don’t wish to expand your Instagram feed, learning how to curate grids, basic photo knowhow (emphasis more on observation and composition than camera operation), grow followers or just to girl crush, take #OOTD inspiration and to show case your style, I highly recommend it.

Zoo Photos

I managed to make the zoo last weekend!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALemur shutter speed attemptsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Internet Finds

Primates facing ‘extinction crisis’. BBC News. The reason I avoid palm oil.

Dalai Lama: 5 things to keep in mind for the next 4 years. CNN

Song of Style goes to Anguilla  That carib sea colour! And does anyone know the song? There’s no link and Shazam can’t quite catch it.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!


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