Easy DIY Exfoliating Scrub

While I feel a lot better within myself today, my cough has come back with vengeance today. Add the after effects of an interesting osteopath appointment yesterday, my body is feeling a little sorry for itself.

My friend who’s not my normal osteopath offered an exchange. A few sessions with her in exchange for a few training session from me to see if she can push some clients my way. I think she’s been itching to help ‘fix’ me from when I first met her years ago which is why she jumped at the chance to do an exchange. She decided to do an muscle activate technique session. Translation, pain, but good pain. I have quite a few muscles imbalances and muscles compensation with muscles needing to be switched on again. An hour of prodding, some tickling and immense pain as she released something from either side of my jaw (it felt like I was being wiped out by a wave on the left side). Never have I experienced such pain! But I did leave there feeling put together again! This morning, ouch! No bruises, just soreness in re actiavated areas. I’ve no idea how, but my upper body has been doing the work of my hip flexors and quads. She tested each actiavation and the effect was immediate. I definitly noticed the difference squatting today. I knew I haven’t been squatting low enough and today for once it was easy to get lower. Even everyday picking things up I’ve noticed I’ve been bending my knees more than using my back. It’s hard to explain, but it does make sense! And being a trainer having these imbalances, it’s a little embarrassing!

Though I’ve been resting a lot the past few days, my skin has been looking a little dull. I’ve haven’t had much of an appetite despite being hungry to get a glow. Nothing at the moment tastes how it should! To give my skin a boost, 3 times a week I add sugar to my cleanser. It’s super easy to do: just add a teaspoon to your everyday cleanser or a tablespoon or more to body wash for a cheap, easy, tropical, environmentally friendly exfoliating face or body scrub! White processed sugar is the best as it’s not as abrasive as brown sugar. I actually use sugar sachets I pick up from cups of coffee out. Just massage the sugar and cleanser as you would normally and rinse as normal. Remember to be gentle and not ‘scrub’ the sugar to remove dirt, dead skin and impurities!DIY exfoliating sugar scrub

What’s your favourite DIY beauty tip? Have you ever had a muscle activation technique session? What’s your go to cough medicine? The cough tea infusion I got is working, but argh, it won’t quit!