Weekend Friday Favourites 29.05.2022

How’s your weekend going?!

I can’t believe in a few days it’s June. Half way through the year. Time goes so slowly and so fast at the same time, yet recently it’s been flying by. Even my birthday 2 weeks ago feels like a lifetime away. Anyway. Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye.


This week I got to see wild flamingos with a trip the UNESCO Deltebre in Tarragona. Rice fields line the roads right up to the nature reserves where you can see flamingos, glossy ibis, cranes, different types of ducks to name a few. It was amazing seeing them wild just being flamingos. Peacocks have competition for being like magic carpets in flight. 


Last weekend Spain had a just shy of an official heatwave a few days of higher than normal temps. I thought the delta would be busy. It wasn’t! Somedays the beaches only had a handful of people and most trails were empty too. It’s an amazing place to visit. Nothing to do in the evening and if you want some peace and quiet, just hear birds and be surrounded by nature, it’s a great place to visit. But not on monsoon days . We spent the whole day driving around trying to find something to do when it tipped it down nearly all day. We ended up in the biggest Bazaar shop ever. Think hypersupermaket size. 

The Biggest Bazaar Shop Yet

So big it has trolleys/carts.

Hermit Crabs

It’s all the Deltebre today! I got to see my first ever hermit crabs! The water one side of the Barra del Trabucador is shallow up to knee height and clear so no snorkelling needed unless for closer inspection as you can’t pinch and zoom in 🤦‍♀️ I find myself doing that with old skool photos and sometimes even magazines. I pinch the image to zoom in only to remember I can’t as it’s not digital 😂 These little ones were tiny yet fierce. 

Lemon Balm Seeds

On the list if I see it and remember has been a lemon balm plant. I remember my Mum had one when I was little and being forever amazed that a plant could smell like lemons. I found some seeds this week so I’m hoping these like me and grow. 

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrail

Image courtesy of Filmaffinity via Google Images

I finally saw nearly all of E.T! I missed the beginning (it was on normal TV, something I hardly ever watch) and the magic even though you can see how much special effects have come in 40 years is still there. To make it even more crazy it’s 40 year Cannes Film Festival premier was last week! 

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Please share in the comments below. Have a great rest of the weekend! 

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