July 2022. In The Summertime Part 1

It’s crazy how my body began to crave the sea as the summer heat set in. The cooler salt water is the only thing that cools my body down on a hot hot summer’s day. Cold shower’s aren’t the same. 

July’s light was amazing. So bright and so so hot. Sadly it didn’t rain much in Catalunya this summer. Many reservoirs were so low, villages abandoned to be submerged rose like ghost villages as the reservoir water receded. The sea water this year was warm. Usually it’s cooler than the air temp. For most of July and August it was as warm as the air temp. 

I could have happily spent more time watching the bees and wasps forage for nectar on the chaste tree/bush (thank you Picture This for the plant ID!)

Anyway, the first half of July in photos! 

If you know the name of these fish please share in the comments. I only saw them once.

Exploring the Born

Via Laietana light

Festival concert rules

Striped sea breams


A new resident at Barcelona Zoo, a baby Antelope 🙂

Getting ready for a little lady

Stormy skies looking like autumn

Same building, sunny day. I’ve never noticed before the statue.

First night with a little girl cat I thought was a boy cat. She meowed all night. The only thing that would stop her meowing was holding her in my arms. Several times in the night I’d hold her, fall asleep to find her meowing at the end of the bed or in the process of muscle up-ing the bed. I woke later the morning to her washing by my side like it was the normal thing to do. Her name’s Koa and yes I slept on towels this summer. It helped so much with the heat.

This palm I nearly killed a few years ago. After moving it to different locations and with other palms the same for company it recovered enough for a new shoot!

Light reflections on a glass top

Flamingo, Barcelona Zoo

Two unsure girls. It took me a while to get used to her even though I wanted another cat after her ‘uncles’. She won me over!

July’s nearly full Buck Moon

Moon jelly fish. I think!


For most of June and July the sun rises over the mountains not the sea

Making herself at home. She’s growing into her ears. In some lights they still look massive

Water light reflection refraction

Glow summer

Thank you for stopping by! How do you cool off in hot hot weather? Water and ice lollies for me! Please share in the comments below 🙂

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