Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! If I’m honest my mood this weekend is matching the weather outside. Blah. Life throws curve balls sometimes too many at once. But this is Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile this week or caught my eye!


Okay, I feel a bit old to be wearing scrunchies as I remember them back in the 90’s. I got some back in 2018 when they first started making their comeback and left them on my dressing table brightening it up. After watching a YouTube video where a hair dermatologist recommended they were the best hairband to avoid hair breakage I was okay, let’s start wearing them again. First at home then I braved wearing them at the gym. The hair dermatologist was right! Less breakage! Now my hair is longer I’d had enough of hair ties tangling up in the ends when removing them. Scrunchies do the same however they’re easier and gentler to remove. No scissors needed cutting the band. Depending on the material they’re almost zero waste apart from the elastic inside. Until I finally try out some plastic free hair ties I have my eye on, these are doing great. My favourite here is the cream and beige one. Only €1.50! Organic cotton which is really soft and kind on my hair. 

Longer Days

No longer running in the dark!

It’s not even 1 month after the winter solstice and already the days are noticeably longer! With the sun setting at 17.50 I’m already a happier Nat. Sunrises have been pretty too.

Parakeets Nests!

Cult Beauty Packaging

Please excuse the blur!

I like it when brands go no plastic on the shipping. Some companies say the plastic’s needed, when in actual fact it isn’t. Sephora Espana is also a great plastic free shipping brand. Just the products in the paper bag packed in a special adapted box. I really don’t like it when I get a cardboard box filled with packing cubes/air pouches or bubble wrap. The bubble wrap if it’s good condition I save for packing posting items to my Mum. Cult Beauty’s magazine that came with it is printed on non fancy recycled paper. Sometimes it’s the little things like the magazine paper that make the diffenernce if a brand cares. Cult Beauty has some great ingredient friendly brands at reasonable prices.


The unintended theme of this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites is eco friendly! I have a few beauty tools from Beter. They’re good value for the price. I don’t like that many of their products come in plastic packaging that’s way too big for the item and plastic so tough you need scissors to get into it. Beter now have eco friendly range made from wheat fibres, rice husk and resin polymer which is recyclable, reusable and sustainable. At the moment I don’t need anything from the line (although I did get the scrunchie, the cream and beige one) however it made me smile and caught my eye as it’s the only beauty tool brand I’ve seen in places like Druni more mainstream shops doing this type of fibre. I’m hoping other brands pick up on this as it’s hard to find plastic free beauty tools/accessories. So far I’ve only seen Sephora own brand brushes with wood handles and paper sleeve packaging.

Shoe Resoling

I’d worn the rubber off my indoor climbing shoes along where the big toe fits on both feet. Thankfully my climbing gym offers resoling so I don’t have to buy a new pair. It took a few weeks until they were fixed (I used an old pair in the meantime) and I happy they offer this service. No throwing out a perfectly good pair of shoes! 

Internet Finds

Queen Hind: 180 rescued sheep arrive at new home in Romania. BBC News. I was concerned the sheep rescue from the Queen Hind that sunk back in November last year would be once again shipped to be slaughtered. Thankfully the animal rescue groups who rescued them refused and all 180 rams will be rehomed in vegan animal sanctuaries in Romania. 

Night rider: 21 years sleeping on a London Bus. BBC News

Saving Kangaroo Island’s animal casualties. BBC News

Australia fires: The animals struggling in the crisis. BBC News

Stray dogs have the natural ability to understand human gestures. Nat Geo

Life rules for my beautiful daughter. Ladies Pass It On. This was an Apple News find. I had a little tear and big smile. Not just life rules for daughters. Life rules for everyone. 

The world responded to this captive elephant’s plight. Now he has a new life. Nat Geo

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below!



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    I love the word scrunchie hahaha, it just sounds weird. I learned this word thanks to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, have you watched it? It’s great for laughs.

    1. says:

      It’s a great word! Scrunchie! Like a scrunched face too. I haven’t watched any Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! I don’t watch many TV shows, even Kdramas on Netflix! I start and fall asleep. Haha!

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