See You Later Diesel!

This past Wednesday in my arms I said my last see you later to Mr D, aka Diesel. My cheeky, happy go lucky ray of sunshine. He hadn’t been well for a few years, yet all his illnesses were overshadowed by Angelous’s. I think he had the same tummy issues as Angelous however due to his age when realised the vet advised against a biopsy. The last few months the signs were there, I didn’t see or didn’t want to see them. The last week and a bit he stopped wanting to eat then he withdrew from life, which hurt as he loved life.

He had 2 speeds. All out or fast asleep! Anything new that came into the house had to be inspected. He loved playing, loved annoying his bother who he adored. You could tell by how he followed him around. They had so many chases and play fights, never drawing blood. He loved hugs, had a meow just for a hug. He talked so much! Let me know loudly when it was breakfast or dinner time, he answered me back, he chirped, meurred, purred when it was hug time. For someone so tiny his headbutts could knock you off balance. If he didn’t like something he let you know loudly! He hated car journeys above 95kmph. He started singing in protest if you when over! He had so many sleeping places and beds everywhere. He loved sunbathing, he liked kicking his bother off a warm spot or annoying him playing with is tail. He loved our nightly hugs massaging my right arm pit. No idea why he liked that side. Last year he started growing weird lumps in his right front leg armpit. The skin sagged with a few bumps. They didn’t hurt him, the vet had know clue what they were. Again due to his age he had to live with them. He was a lap cat. He loved sleeping between my legs at night. During the summer at the end of get bed like AJ. When we’d have stand up hugs it was almost as if he was hugging me back.

Everyday he made me laugh. We are both monkeys in the Chinese lunar calendar while AJ and I are/were both Tauruses. D was cheeky, ingenious with his communication. Some mornings to wake me up he pawed at my mouth. I wake to a face almost with a paw pointing at his saying feed me I’m hungry! He loved his food! Another morning to wake me up he jumped paws first on my face!

He taught himself to pee in the toilet and later drink from it! If it fits, I’s sitz

I like to think he chose me as his human. He’d only be in the shelter a week when we got him. He wouldn’t stop pawing at me from his high perches and when I held him in my arms he just purred. That’s how he got his name Diesel. Our fates were sealed! He probably thought she looks dumb enough to take me in! He was about a year old so I’ve no idea his past before. I’m not sure it was a good one. If you picked him up near the balcony he wiggled and jumped out your arms. I just hope he had a great 14 years to make up for his first year. I hope he’s with his brother AJ, their cat spirits reunited while their next adventure awaits. I hope it’s a good one. Better more amazing. I told him and his bother often I love them to the ends of the universe and back. One thing I know for sure is it was an honour being his human cat mama. The place feels quieter, emptier without him. Tears are gradually turning to smiles, but I miss him so much.




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  3. says:

    You were indeed lucky to have Mr D in your life. Big hugs xxx

    1. says:

      Thank you! He was full of life and I miss his antics! And his hugs.

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