Gym Observations

Hello! Now that I’m back training in a gym after a few years training at home, I’ve compiled a list of gym observations which I feel are probably universal in any gym. This is meant to be a light hearted take on gym users not a whinge list (okay, maybe it is), but I’m sure a lot of gym users can identify with this peeve list. So come take a trip with me while I share my people watching findings and feel free to add any of your own. Gym

The mirror. Is it necessary watch yourself perform every single box jump, press up, sit up? Yes, I know it’s to check form, but every single set and rep? I’ll use it for a quick form check, but if I’m really working out hard enough, I don’t notice it or need to look at it.

The grunters. Why? If you’re lifting heavy and I mean heavy, 1 -3 reps all out power, then yes, grunt, but standard strength set? If you do grunt, please keep it down.

Dropping weights on the floor. Respect equipment!

One of my biggest observational peeves: not putting equipment back and leaving it out on the floor for anybody to trip over. Do they leave everything strewn out on the floor at home? It really doesn’t take much effort to return things.

Personal space. Those who train too close for comfort. I try to respect others space working out, but find some will happily muscle in your space or walk past you close enough for you to clock them in the head to get the equipment they probably won’t put back. You can be in bright pink and they still don’t see you lunging as they too busy watching themselves walking in the mirror to get the equipment they probably won’t put back.

Asking if you’ve finished with equipment while your still using it. Please wait a few seconds until I’ve finished my set or come up with an alternative. If I have a medicine ball I’m currently not using that you want, please wait until I’ve finished my current set before asking or wait your turn. It’s common curtesy.

Equipment hoggers. The ones that leave a towel draped over a bench or machine, go away use something else or have a chat and no one can use the said equipment until they remove the towel.

Not wiping down equipment after use. I’ll add not putting a towel down either on the equipment. Many times I’ve picked up a mat to find it covered in sweat. Cue shuddering.

Unsupportive sport bras on cardio machines or unsupportive sports bras in general. Ouch.

Guys who don’t wear pants (underpants) under their short shorts and flop down next you in the stretch area. Seriously?

Girls with see through leggings. I really want to say something to them as I know they might be mortified if they knew, but have no idea how to approach it. Maybe they know and like the attention. I’ll add see through and no underwear to the list. I’m not sure which is worse.

The guys who only work their upper bodies and have tiny, stick like legs, yet know everything about fitness. I have a few of these at my gym (who also don’t put equipment back and love the mirror). I don’t get it. They also tend to be the gym ‘silverbacks’.

Those that stick to the same tried and tested workout. I joined my old gym and the regulars are still there. Some have changed their bodies 180, others nothing changed. I see them perform the same workout (mostly machine based) without results with a bored look on their faces, but don’t want to change what they do.

No deodorant. You might think it doesn’t matter as you’re going to get sweaty, but it does matter. To the nose of the person next to you.

The exact opposite; too much scent. Some ladies in the changing room really go to town spritzing perfume and hairspray. I don’t want to leave smelling like them!

Stinky feet. Deodorant works on feet too.

Those that take up all the bench space in a busy changing room.

Girls like me. We go, just to train, not to talk until after we’ve finished and even then we may just want not to talk and go. I’ve noticed a few other girls who have a similar training style to me and I like that they box jump, burpee, are just about the training, putting 110% into it. We might be perceived as aloof, moody as we’re walking with a mission, but we have fight for our space from the above! I’ve also noticed that we get a bit more respect from the guys with similar training styles. They give us space! Not all of them, but some.

Believe it or not, I am making friends/acquaintances at the gym.

I’m sure there’s more I’ve not included so feel free to add your gym observations!