Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Twice this week I’ve left my bank card behind in a shop, only to realise in the next and back track. It’s only ever happened once before, but twice in one week isn’t looking good. How can you leave your card behind when it’s chip and pin?! Easy! In Spain you have to hand over i.d. and your bank card when paying. The cashier then puts the card in the pin reader. 7/10 times they remove the card and hand it back. 3/10 times they say ‘you can remove the card now’. So it’s easy to leave it behind. I’m hoping that’s my three. Image if things can in 9’s, 15’s, 27’s. I’d be totally screwed!

The rule of thirds isn’t just for photography. Things look better in an odd number, something I picked up from my Mum when she used to flower arrange. Odd’s are visually and aesthetically pleasing. In a back to front way odds balance things out. Flowers, jewellery, design, decorations, ornaments, nature, odds work.

The rule of thirds. I’m learning photography as I go along. I’m a give me the camera and let me play and learn learner. If I like what I see in the camera monitor I take the shot (pun not intended. Okay, maybe). I take a lot of photos of animals. I have to be quick with them! So if rule of 3 happens, it’s a coincidence!

Anyways, my rule of thirds picks this week from this year.

Seagull Barceloneta, BarcelonaSeagull Barceloneta

Monkey Barcelona ZooMonkey Barcelona Zoo

Lone Palm TreePalm Tree

Peacock, Barcelona ZooPeacock, Barcelona Zoo

Diesel SleepingDiesel sleeping


Rule of Thirds” title=”The Rule of Thirds”>The Rule of Thirds


  1. Lovely photos! The one of the monkey looking up is awesome!

    1. says:

      I could spend all day watching monkey and lemurs!

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