Groundhog Fever

One thing brunettes rarely experience as they just appear loud and clear is the is it, isn’t a non pigmented strand of hair. I won’t mention it by name but I think you know what I’m talking about. If your like me naturally blonde (strawberry blonde. All mine) it’s harder to tell. Changing your parting after a summer of the top layer being highlighted by the sun can lead to some hair raising moments. On closer inspection they turned out to be the palest pale blonde strands as they shimmered ginger in the light. I even got my hairdresser to double check Friday I’m in the palest pale blonde shimmering strands. *Sigh* the fun blondes have.

Summer’s been having a bit of a revival over the past few days. It’s almost like it’s trying to see it through until the clocks change this weekend. It’s chilly at first light and cooler in the evenings, which means I’m in too many layers or not enough. It’s been warm enough to bring back shorts and t-shirts. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to spend much time outside enjoying it. Studying and coursework have taken up much of the past few days, that when I have finally ventured out, I can’t get out the door fast enough only for the clouds come, block the sun or it’s an hour before sunset. I’ve been getting up earlier and everyday’s still the same! Friday however, I did take my studying to the beach. I got prime real estate, right by the water. It was so warm, so quiet, I didn’t want to leave!IMG_7956

Saturday morning had it’s share of weekend burpees and a sunset bike ride to the W hotel along the beaches. Groundhog Sunday a chilly late afternoon beach siesta (jeans, top and wrapped up in my towel) and an amazing morning run. My first 12km non stop (my reasoning less heat to contend with) with a slightly faster pace than normal long run pace. I was on fire! I swear wearing bright pink makes you a faster or stonger runner! And Monday, can that be groundhog Monday too but with yoga?

W Hotel


Jelly cats on Sunday’s run

Hope you had a great weekend! How do you break groundhog days ups? I’m looking forward passing this exam and shaking things up!