Cruelty Free, Animal Friendly Skin Care Products

The past few days have been locos. 18 hour Mac updates, coursework, studying, running errands, cleaning, a cat that cries at the front door multiply times during the night when there’s nothing there (can anyone explain why please), I’ve really looked forward to my me time and my pamper time.

Me time consists of half an hour in the evening snuggled up with the cats on the bed, catching up on the news and blogs. Pamper time my skin care routine. Taking off my make up, washing off the day, restoring and feeling good with creams, lotions and potions. Some girls like shoes, I like skincare!

When I first started my skincare regime, it was the standard teenage skin care routine: acne cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Even back then, the one requirement was that they weren’t tested on animals. It was difficult in the pre internet days to find brands that didn’t. It was even harder to find animal friendly make up in the ‘big’ small town near where I lived. Then came the internet bringing animal awareness and a shift in people’s attitudes towards animal testing once they knew what it involved, what ingredients used and the long term effect of those ingredients on our bodies. cruelty-free-bunny

I’ve tried expensive brands, cheap brands, pumped up chemical brands, natural ingredients, organic ranges. I stick to a brand for about a year then change to another (boredom, new products to try!). For the past few years, I’ve leaned towards more natural skincare. No junk, no SLS, no parabens, no phthalates, no artificial ingredients, no petrochemicals, no animal derived ingredients. My skin has always been trouble. I still haven’t left my acne days behind (I’m reminded daily by the scars. I wish I could turn back time, but I can’t). Diet has played a huge roll, but I’ve found the more natural the ingredients, the more happy my skin is. I care about what I eat (whole food plant based), so it makes sense I care what I put on my skin. I also discovered that the cheaper brands are on par and if not better than the more expensive brands.

I buy most skincare products on line as A. it’s cheaper and B, I have more selection that the high street.

My current go to animal friendly brands are:

Everyday Coconut

Their face wash removes everything! I especially love the toner and and my skin soaks up the night moisturiser. Everyday Coconut is a fair trade sustainable company with profits going back to Togolese communities who produce many of the raw ingredients. The size’s are very economical for the price $9/€7 for 354ml and last about 3 -4 months.

Yes to Carrots

I’ve tried Yes to Berries, Yes to Tomatoes and preferred Yes to Carrots even though it’s for dry skin when I have oily skin. Shampoo and conditioner I flit around with and always end up going back to Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair everyday thanks to running and training and both products are fine for frequent use. Again the price is every economical for the size, €11.50 for 500ml.


I’m in love with this Australian range of serums! I’m especially in love with the revitalising cellular radiance serum. I swear my skin is smoother and firmer. I’ve tried many serums that have promised magic and not delivered. This does and I’m happy to pay extra for it. I save with the 500ml shampoos!

Living Nature

I’ve only tried their eye cream and hands down so far it’s the best I’ve tried. I’m slightly more than fine lines now and the active botanic ingredients in this New Zealand brand are helping keep them at bay. Unless I smile! From 

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Range

The Hawaiian range seems to be their only range available in Europe. I’d been using Palmers Cocoa Butter for years and wanted a good body lotion without paraffin liquid or palm oil in. After trying numerous lotions, their hand and body Replenishing Cocoa is Palmers natural equivalent. Thanks to I can super save on it too! I also love their SLS free shower gels.


I’ve only just started using this range. I particularly like the citrus shower gel. For a SLS free gel, it lathers and cleans like it’s SLS equivalents. Again I super size and save!


I like to wear SPF on my face all year round and I can’t be dealing a separate moisturiser and SPF cream. I’ve used their SPF 30 Face Classic Unscented Sunscreen for two years and have never burnt once! It contains 70% certified organic inactive ingredients and avobenzone and octinoxate as the active sunscreens. It sits well under make and doesn’t leave a white/grey look unlike some SPF moisturisers.

Badger Balm

The cute packaging may have swayed me into trying them and I’m glad I did. Their motto “Try it, use it, never lose it’ applies 100% to the Pink Grapefruit lip balms. Great lip balms that moisturise and aren’t greasy.

Urban Decay

I find most eyeshadows even with an eyeshadow prep don’t stay all day. Heavier pigmented shades like the ones from Urban Decay do, even the lighter shades in the Naked Basic Palette. The Lush Lash Mascara is one of my favourite mascaras that does lengthen the lashes! images

For more information about cruelty free brands and companies that do/don’t test on animals please check out Leaping Bunny and Peta.

Do you choose to use cruelty free skincare? If so, what are your preferred brands? What do you think about animal testing for cosmetics? Do you think cheaper brands are as effective as more expensive brands?

Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Free logos and pink no animal testing photo taken from google images. 




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    Great selection Natalie! Have you tried Yes to Carrots Cucumber facial wipes before? It’s great in taking off makeup at the end of the day! I highly recommend! xo~ Lena

    1. says:

      I have! I use them when I’m too tired to go through the usual cleansing routine or travelling. I prefer them to others I’ve tried as the seal actually works at keeping them moist!

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