Return of the Chiringuitos

Middle of March already? Cycling along the beaches the past few days has made me feel happy sad. The chiringuitos, prefab beach bars are returning in time for Easter.Return of the Chiringuitos

When I saw them popping up them last week, I had a little pang of sadness. I’ll miss winter layers and having the beach cycle paths to myself. Fair weather people and tourists on sunny days are already descending to Barceloneta. The city and beaches will soon feel a lot busier with little breathing space. But it ain’t all bad. The return of the chiringuitos mean 3 things: warm days are nearly here, in 2 weeks daylight savings start and if I get caught out running, I have pit stop options!

I hope you had a great weekend! My was kinda quiet, so I’ll leave you with my usual way of catching up, photos!

I got a little more than I bargained for running Friday!

Toys make good pillows. Mr Ajzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mr Aj and his mouseGive Mr D a box he’s happy. Give him a box filled packing paper he’s more than a happy camper. He’s a happy camper up to mischief!
Mischief maker

Sephora’s Colorguard 12hr Eyeshadow Primer. I’ve been having issues with on/off eczema on my eyelids and that combined with my wrinkly eyelids (it’s no joke. Smooth eyelids I do not have) and oily skin inherited from my mother (okay and not removing eye make up gently = wrinkly eyelids. Google it!), my eyelids eat eyeshadow for breakfast. I’ve used Urban Decay’s anti age eyeshadow primer and Too Faced’s shadow insurance primer and both make the wrinkly creased eyelid situation worse (I Goggled wrinkly eyelids and primer can make them worse!). So far this gem from Sephora is better than both of the 2 mentioned. Plus it’s a lot nicer price and lessens the effect of old looking eyelids. Sephora Colorguard 12hr eyeshadow primerI made the zoo Saturday after missing the gates all week. This weekend they switch to Spring hours. Gates close at 6pm, grounds 7pm. I’ll probably still miss last entry.
Zebra Barcelona ZooMeerkats, Barcelona ZooWallaby tongue! Wallaby Barcelona ZooI haven’t seen robins in years. This year I’ve seen 2 at the zoo. I grew up in a house called The Robins, named by my parents as when we moved there, there were lots of robins. Not that I remember seeing any. Seeing this guy made smile. Perhaps s/he’s telling me something! Robin Barcelona ZooFoggy sunrise over the Med.Foggy Sunrise over the seaMonkey bars and 12km Sunday Run. I hadn’t been on the monkey bars for a few weeks and it showed! On my palms. No blisters, redness which turned into callouses. Muscles ups I have been practicing at the gym. Still on bar chin height (I use the Smith machine at the gym. For stability even though it’s locked in place while increasing height I put 10kg either side for piece of mind it won’t unlock jumping up), but I didn’t embarrass myself in front of the 6-7 years olds partying on the beach. Sunday Run

Drizzle. Perfect running weather! Drizzly runHappy sad leaving Winter for Spring? Have a great week!


  1. Well, the return of the beach bars means warmer temps for you, but for me it means very very hot days for me!

    The weather has been very gloomy and rainy in Taiwan for the past two weeks and this past weekend was no exception. I am jealous of your sunsets and blue sky.

    1. says:

      😉 The blue skies of the past few weeks have only been around sunset! It’s been quite overcast and cloudy here most days, rain showers with the sun only saying an hour or 2 before sunset! Spring and Autumn here can be kinda rainy, so it’s not all sunny skies and warmer temps! xo

  2. says:

    I can’t wait for winter to get the hell out of here! At the end of January I got sabañones (chilblain?) on my right hand and it has been very annoying. Now they are finally dying so I have scabs and my hand looks purple… brrrrr!! Winter here is the worst!!!

    1. says:

      Nooooo! Poor you! I don’t know which is worse, them or eczema! Have you tired Moa balm for the rash? It’s worked great on my eczema. China may allow you to import it! Hope it goes away soon (and winter!)

      1. says:

        I used a balm that the doctor told me here. Luckily they don’t itch anymore!

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