Energy Boost

I needed this mornings workout. It had rained in the night and with the morning’s cooler air it made it way easier to train. Though my balance was a little off due to tiredness, I was energised afterwards! The circuit was a mix of free weights, bodyweight resistance and cardio. Short ‘n’ sweet and and total body! I smashed all but two circuit times from last week with the abs circuits taking a little longer, as my energy was dropping. A bowl of oatmeal, honey, Greek yoghurt and raspberries sorted that out!

Cool air + training = energy

Cap3000 for the afternoon. Pretty much the only shopping mall in this area and also the only place where you’ll find a Starbucks from here up to the Italian border and then down to Marseille! Crazy and it’s not even in Nice city centre which surprises me. Picked up a few cute running/workout shorts from H&M. Compared to well known fitness brands, they fit me better, the quality’s much the same, they last just as long, cost way less and that means one happy girl. Always on the look out for cool graffiti and today found this Foxxy Cleopatra stencil tag by the train station.

All the vibrant pink and orange flowers blooming at the moment have inspired my next jewellery project: a pink, white and orange tutti frutti mix.

Any-whos, last night I could hardly keep my eyes open and this evening thanks to that Starbucks Americano or as they say here, Cafe American, I’m buzzing. Some night time yoga and handstand practice should fix that! Does anyone else do yoga when they’ve had a little too much coffee?

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