Working Out Old Skool Style

Had a great run this morning! I had new music and that it was cooler this morning than of late. I made it back just before the nice coolness wore off. Then it was a good stretch or workout in disguise with Tone It Up’s Beach Babe DVD 2, Sunrise Routine. Yes, I do workout DVDs! No gym membership means no classes and instead DVD’s and YouTube videos. I get ideas for myself and clients! I remember in my mid teens before the exercise videos took off doing my Mum’s Typhoo Tea ‘OO The Routine’ LP she had since 1983! Basically a vinyl workout to the latest hits. It was Jane Fonda style, cheesy and did the trick. Very few exercises are new! I also went through a Billy Blanks Tao Bo video phase also before finally joining a gym and kick boxing lessons for real.


It looked so refreshing and was when I went for a late afternoon dip…bliss!
I didn’t intend to colour coordinate!

Wednesday’s for some reason is grocery shopping day. We go usually go on the motor bike (panniers, panniers and panniers!) to the big Carrefour Hypermarche. However when my boyfriend’s working, it’s me, the bus and arms of steel with Farmer Walks! I was a little disappointed with the produce especially the dark green vegetables such as broccoli and asparagus. They don’t seem to be doing too well in the heat. It’s a no brainer why the asparagus it looked like it had seen better days…shipped from Peru! The older the vegetable is, the lesser quality and amount of vitamins and nutrients it has, so I gave them a miss. It’s another week of les haricot verts! It is however, the fruit season. The French adore their fruit and make straight for melons and cherries and spend ages picking out the all good cherries, tutting when they’re not up to scratch!

The cats/boys got a treat for dinner. They’re little superstars with the heat this year so they got half a tin of tuna each. I was the best Mama on the whole block! And Mama treated herself to some tasty organic white peaches…hmmm, summer!


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