Beat the clock

I’ve been unable to workout at a gym for a quite while now here in France, as many of the local gyms are all machines with few free weights and hardly any space to burpee…Noooo!!! The better ones charge a fortune and without a car, tricky to get to with public transport timetables. So I made the decision to train at home. I miss the social aspect that comes with a gym, along with racks for inverted rows, pull up machines (I can go to the kids park when I remember, I can do them at the park!) and being able to pick up any weight I want. However, working out at home I feel more focused on my training as I feel less self conscious. Most gym goer’s will understand this!

Training at home sometimes requires strict discipline. I try not to check my phone during rest times or put it off for later as I’m at home and I can train whenever! No! It’s just like training at the gym. It requires a schedule. I’m there to train, not to talk to other gym members or when I’m at home, potter. I treat the workout the same. I get up, organise my day and within an hour I’m working out or running. I time my workouts, I time my sets. I like to beat or equal the last set (all with good form of course!). This helps me stay focused on training not tidying! I set the timer on my phone for my main workout and another for abs and cool down. This came about one morning when I decided to complete my workout before the washing machine’s shortest cycle was over! A little crazy, but it worked. I obviously needed motivation and a bit of competition that day! When I train clients I have to watch time. With myself, I have to make sure I’m not distracted and beat that clock!

This morning however, I didn’t beat last weeks times (only by a few seconds). I did increase the weight and that’s a good compromise!

Serious face for one arm stability ball planks!
Today's toys!
Today’s toys!

Still waiting for my Trainer Certificates. I’ve got a nasty feeling they’re lost in the UK’s Royal Mail system somewhere between my course provider and awarding body certificate issuing office. A few more people on to it, so hopefully soon I’ll know for sure what the problem is.

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