2a Cursa de Port Barcelona 10km Recap

Well, I did it! My first official 10km in 3 years. 2a Cursa del Port Barcelona 10km night run.IMG_7871

I only found out about the race the day before last inscriptions and asked Paul if he was game to run at midnight around the industrial port. He was and Friday we picked up our t-shirt, number and chip for a 11.45pm start the following day. Yep, actually out on a Saturday night!

Wanting to save energy for later, Saturday morning I had to talk myself out of a workout. I settled for an hours yoga (Tara Stiles, This Is Yoga series) which coincidently was my first hours practice since my achilles injury 10 months ago. I finally feel ready to ease back where I left it in August last year (I would also like to find a reasonable priced yoga class in Barcelona. If you know of one, please shout.). It’s taken a long time to feel comfortable and not think out it on the mat.

The rest of the day was rest (read beach. It was cold) and a quick run round the shops before having breakfast for dinner. It’s what fuels my other 10km so why change what works. And when there’s a legit reason to have breakfast for dinner, I’m using it.

Porridge/Oatmeal, almond milk, honey and berries. Never get bored with this.

IMG_9956Around 11.15pm we arrived at the port with just enough time for the lockers, warm up and all important bathroom trip (porter cabin joy). We wished each other luck and went into our separate ways. Paul, wanting to run it under 50 minutes and me nearly missed the start taking a photo of a greyhound also running. I got it together in time. No photos running.

The course was mostly flat taking us pretty much around the whole industrial port. And that included the drawbridge. The drawbridge high enough to allow container ships, cargo ships and ferries through. When I saw it I may have exclaimed *MF*. 3.5km in and we’re treated to the longest, steepest incline I’ve ever had the pleasure of running up. I stuck to my game plan, to overtake more than I’m overtaken and be surrounded by more men than ladies so I know I’m pushing myself (apologises ladies, you all did great!). Also not to slow down, stop or walk. I wanted to run it under 55 minutes. I think I was high on adrenaline and determination not to slow.

The most surreal part running along the top of the port wall. There was a lightening storm out at sea and thanks to the low lying spot lights, it felt like I was running along the top of a castle wall hundreds of years ago. Yep, high on something.

The course wasn’t marked (the only complaint. It was extremely well organised) and I didn’t want to look at my Nike running incase I’d over thought my distance. Mentally readjusting is hard. I saw a few people gesture go on to fellow runners, checked my watch and thought I’m about 9km in, I can dig deep and increase the pace. At the back of my mind was that bridge. Are we going to go back over it? Yes. Thankfully this side wasn’t as long or as steep. A nice twist Organisers! I was more than happy thankful to finish!

Final result: me, 53.28min, 61st in my category, 88th female (out of how many females not listed) Paul: 46.46 minutes, 208th in his age group and 327th male overall. He was smiling afterwards. His next goal, sub 45 minutes.

McDonalds was the only place open at 2am for a bite to eat. Don’t judge, we were hungry and it was 2am. Two salads and two large fries later, I was feeling less cold and more sleepy. I said just a 10 minute snuggle with cats when we got back. I was woken by another thunderstorm later and the sun was getting high in the sky when I finally did wake Sunday.

Unfortunately the clouds hang around and any chance of recharging at the beach cancelled. We biked late afternoon along the River Besos. It’s part of the Ronda Verda, a 75km cycle and running route around 3 towns. We decided to keep going up the river, off road. We came across goats heading home, got covered in mud, argued with flies, saw herons, ducks and swallows/swifts and happy to be in the great outdoors and in fresh air (me not so much, allergies). All up we must have done 30 kilometres. I was out like a light again when my head hit that pillow.

Best place to wash your bike after a muddy trail? The car wash. Just don’t wear white.IMG_0068

What did you do this weekend? Did anyone else run 10km? What’s your race plan?


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