Natural Inexpensive Face Scrub and Exfoliator.

I first read about this simple, tropical, inexpensive face and body scrub in an interview with Jessica Biel a long time ago, in either US Glamour or Cosmopolitan. It’s a trick her Grandma taught her. Just add sugar to your face wash. Result, silky soft skin!IMG_8033

I only really started following her Grandma’s advice when money got a bit tight a few years ago and wondered why I didn’t use it before (I got sucked into the latest product, which might not be so good for you or the environment. More on that later) and have been following it ever since. I use about 1 tsp added to my face wash/cleanser*, more if I use it as a body scrub with shower gel and lightly massage it over my face. From experience, white refined sugar isn’t as aggressive as brown sugar, which leaves my skin feeling tight (a sign too much as been stripped away) and is more effective. Actually, I use the sugar sachets from cafes and take out coffee making it even more inexpensive. IMG_8049

Why use a face scrub/exfoliator? Through out the day our skin produces a lot oil, can get dry, start to flake and look grey. Exfoliating removes all the nasty stuff that gets stuck in the pores, helps remove dead skin cells, making serums and moisturiser more effective, help with skin rejuvenation** resulting in a fresh younger looking complexion. 2 – 3 times a week depending on skin type is recommended. Used everyday can actually over strip the skin of oils it does need. I generally use this scrub on run days as that’s when my face feels most gunky. IMG_8043

It’s also environmentally conscious. Scrubs with micro beads, the beads are actually tiny plastic beads that end up in rivers, lakes and the seas, causing havoc on wildlife. So much havoc, Illinois is the first USA state in to ban products containing these beads as seen here.

Sugar doesn’t always deserve the bad rap it gets. It can be our friend!

What’s your DIY beauty secret? Do you use a scrub, if so what’s you’re favourite?

*Added to coconut oil makes for an excellent exfoliator. I prefer not to use coconut oil now as it can block drains and make the shower floor slippy.

** Always use sunscreen to help prevent wrinkles and early ageing.


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  2. says:

    Hooray for sugar – not always the menace 🙂 I’m not much of a DIY person but I do look for the best offer when I can 🙂 x

    1. says:

      I like the sugar scrub as its inexpensive so I can splurge on eye cream!

      1. says:

        Now that’s using your brain, good thinking. I’m deciding whether to take the plunge and try the snail gel that people are raving about, there’s an offer on it and birthday is coming up… Decisions decisions 🙂 xxx

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