Weekend Friday Favourites

Spartan Race organisers have solved my race day transport problem by putting on buses there and back! Now it doesn’t matter so much if I run solo. I have transport for just €10! That’s a major concern sorted. The next is being able to sleep the night before, get up in time and not injure myself! They’re also holding this weekend free Spartan training on one of the beaches. I’m a little hesitant, but I’m going!

Anyways this weeks Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile this week or caught my eye!

Orangutans, Parakeets, Peahens and Gazelles Barcelona ZooBaby Organutans, Barcelona Zoo

The lemurs at Barcelona Zoo have competition when it comes to watching them all day. I didn’t realise but they have 2 baby orangutans at the zoo, 1 teenager and 2 mums. I’ve yet to see a male with his large cheeks (I believe they live solo in the wild). I can’t get over how active they are or how fast climbers they are. They don’t sprint like spider monkeys and lemurs, but you take your eye off them for one second and they’ve gone! The babies cutiness level competes with the lemurs and something the week kept these 2 intrigued for 5 minutes.

The peahen chicks are nearly grown up, I managed not to scare the parakeets and it’s not fair how long and curly gazelle eyelashes are!nearly grown up! Peahen chicks3 little parakeets gazelle, Barcelona Zoo

Jackfruit CrispsJack Fruit Chips

My Vietnamese friends in France introduced me to dried jackfruit as they know I have a sweet tooth. This week they’ve started stocking them in one of the Asian supermarkets! I was so excited to have found some I threw them in the basket without checking the ingredients. The bummer, they contain palm oil which I try to avoid as palm oil plantations shrink orangutan habitat unless it’s a sustainable plantation. I also forgot how sweet they are. No chocolate needed!

Deck-Squat PlankShape Magazine Deck Plank Squat

These are fun from Shape Magazine April 2015! I can’t flip the roll to a plank like a ninja just yet, but I’m working on it! Please excuse the equality of the photo. I searched online to find instructions and an image and in the end had to go with an iPad Zinio screen shot.

Tone It Up’s Fit forFall #CharityChallengeFit-for-fall-charity-challenge-tone-it-up

I’m participating in Tone It Up’s Fit For Fall challenge again this year. As with every 8 week challenge they hold, 1 of the goals at the end is to have ran, biked (distance divided by 3), swam 100 or 150 miles. The theme this year is giving back with the miles ran, biked through the Charity Miles App. Every indoor, outdoor run or bike ride mile you do is sponsored and that sponsor donates to your chosen charity on the app. I had a hard time deciding between the WWF, Soles4Souls and ASPCA. In the end I chose the WWF. After the challenge, I’ll continue using the app, alternating weekly between the 3 (though I find it a contradiction Johnson and Johnson are a sponsor when it comes to the animal charities. They test on animals! I click no when asked if I appreciate their support!). Another way to help animals or charities if you can’t donate money is via the Animal Rescue Site. Each daily click, donates food to animals shelters. I also click on the Rainforest, Greater Good and Hunger tabs and they also have programmes to help veterans, autism, alzheimer’s, diabetes, breast cancer and literacy through a click. Each week is a different charity they donate to for each tab.

AJ and D Aj reclaiming the sofa for winter!

An easy way to know it’s getting chiller, these 2 start wanting laps to sit on and snuggles! Aj the whole of summer’s been under the cat tree keeping cool, has reclaimed the sofa for naps and evening snuggles. D will just take your lap if you let him and has a thing for cushions. Always an ulterior motive with these 2.Diesel, reclaiming the cushions

Moon and the Clouds Cycling Back ThursdayMoon and the Clouds

Why Are Redheads Called Ginger

A Google search to a question that I asked myself this week being strawberry blonde.

10 Things Girls With Red Hair Only Understand

I can identify with #1 (thanks to my Great Grandma), #9 and standing out in a crowd. It’s impossible to blend in. Even when I try to blend in and not stand out. Which is why I avoid wearing green, red, brown, autumnal colours. If I open my mouth, I’m doomed! The other day at the hairdressers, we got onto hair colour and I said, now I just say let ’em look, if they’ve got nothing better to do. I’ve nearly accepted that if I live in a country full of brunettes, lighter hair will stand out. I read somewhere it’s the way the light hits the hair, that makes people look. Which I can agree with. Some girls have such vibrant red hair, you can’t help but look at!

What Sea Otters Do when No One’s Looking

Continue being clever, cute and helping the marine environment.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!


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