Weekend Friday Favourites

Daylight Saving started today and while my unintentional lie-in was way later than I wanted, I enjoyed cycling back this evening sans bike lights. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. 

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made smile or caught my eye this week.

Grace and Frankie, Season 3, Netflix

I can’t tell you how happy I am season 3 was released Friday. I’m about 8 or 9 episodes in already and the show keeps getting better and better. I still can’t get over how agile Jane Fonda is at 78. One reason to always be active!

Aj and D

Aj’s been YouTube snuggles this week and D’s forgotten all about his wardrobe incident a few weeks ago and is back in there when he gets a chance sleeping on my jumpers.

Fabletics Gisela Capris

I normally stick with Fabletics Salar leggings and capris as other styles I’ve tried I haven’t got on with. I had enough points for a free outfit and chose these Gisela capris. I usually don’t wear grey, but I’m glad I made the exception with these. Super comfy even the mesh panelling on the back (sidenote, I’ve yet to see how the mesh washes and if it keeps its shape). The mesh was a little uncomfortable at first, but I soon forgot about it and it didn’t bother me training.

Caolion, Premium Hot and Cold Pore Pack Duo: Pore Purifying Steaming Pack and Pore Original Pack

Firstly I love how the packaging reminds of dumpling steamers. Caolion, One of the few cruelty free natural Korean brands, I found this in Sephora last week and I’ve never had skin so smooth afterwards. It’s a 2 step mask. First is a hot exfoliating deep cleansing mask to remove impurities  you massage in for 2 minutes then leave for 5 minutes. The mask has some fire to it, but it’s all good. After rinsing with warm water you apply the second cooling mask to tighten large pores and refine complexion if you can call it cooling. It’s so menthol my nose started run and being menthol it’s got a fiery kick all to itself. After 10-15 minutes you rinse of with cold water. My face is a little red afterwards however following up with essence, serum, moisturiser any redness goes away leaving silky soft skin. I wouldn’t say my pores tightened as such but they haven’t been as blocked and not many blackheads in just 2 uses. Mask 1’s has about approx 7 uses with mask 2 approx 10, but I think I can get way more uses than the recommended out of them.


Zoo Pics

No surprise I made the zoo this week.

 Must get leafI’m swear this lady likes having her photo taken. She always watches me for a few moments.Those eyelashesWhat bird flu (still in quarantine)

Ball Squat Wall Throws

One of my favourite exercises that practically targets everything especially shoulders, quads, abs and core. Using a medicine or Ugi ball (or one similar. Slam balls work, but I find they add a whole new level catching it and as the weight shifts more, don’t always hit the target) stand about 30cm away from a wall, squat and as you explode up throw the ball high up against the wall, catching in a squat to start again. I play around with feet flat when throwing or explode up on my toes.

Internet Finds

Song of Style, Ethiopia with charity: water. After a trip to India she was shocked kids didn’t go to school as they were too busy getting water and not always clean water at that. For her birthday she decided not to go on her usually birthday trip and instead donate that money to charity: water asking others to donate too. She teamed up with charity: water last week digging wells in Ethiopia, vloggling it all. I was in tears and laughter watching it. Aside from wanting to raid her wardrobe she’s one caring, amazing inspirational girl.

How and obscure seed is helping to saving the elephant. BBC News.

Baby hippo saved by hospital doctors. BBC News

Bees are dying – what we can do about it? CNN

How Tube stations got their unusual names. BBC

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!


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    […] I was about to order the same mud mask and that little voice said no, wait. A week later I found a Caolion mask that’s even better. Same with an overnight mask. Don’t not order the same, wait a little while. […]

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    Thank you for sharing Natalie. Always love your wide variety of topics.

    Strange enough I have never seen a real kangaroo before. Have been to a local zoo maybe 5 or 6 times in my lifetime. They do have some exotic animals, but no kangaroos. Sometime I would love to go to a bigger city zoo which has a lot more variety of animals.

    They have the medicine balls at the gym, always would like to try some new exercises.

    In the article you shared about our bees, a 44% loss of bees in the US is scary. We get our honey from a local beekeeper who has been in business for over 50 years. He is in his 80’s now and his sons are taking it over, but he is concerned for his sons. Not only with the colony die offs, but competing against foreign, pasteurized mass produced honey.

    As for smiles, my son arrived home from university for the weekend. He only gets home every 7 or 8 weeks. Always so great to see him again! 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! I write about what comes! You’ll have to make a trip the a city zoo or a safari style zoo. Fingers crossed it’s a good zoo. I’m luckily it’s on my doorstep and the memberships cheap for the year 🙂
      As for the bees I’m worried about bees in general. Pesticides are I believe the main bee killer and theres’s a hive fungus/illness spreading amongst hives which are slowly killing them off. People don’t see them as important because they’re tiny and sting. You can encourage them in your garden by planting bee friendly plants and herbs(there’s website somewhere with them listed!). Even a window box will help them! I get a few bees and wasps on my balcony and they always make me smile. The other day a ladybird/bug visited!
      Have a great time with your son! Spring break’s hit here- loads of French and American students on holiday.

      1. says:

        Yeah the closest big city zoo is Toronto. It has a very good reputation, and is said to be world class. To my understanding they even have giant panda bears! I really should make a trip there! 🙂

      2. says:

        You should go! I have mixed feelings about zoos. Mainly the enclosure sizes and although I love Barcelona Zoo there are many enclosures I’d like to see changes too. They’re gradually making/updating/improving them as they can and work with what they’ve got. The largest zoo I’ve been to I think was in North Carolina on holiday. I could hardly see the rhinos their enclosure was so huge!

        Giant Pandas! I’ve never seen one in real life! Barcelona zoo has red pandas but I think they’re more closely related to cats 🙂

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