Postural Tips. YouTube Made Me Do It.

YouTube has thing of mind reading or rather tracking your viewing with recommend videos in your list. Popping up last Saturday evening were postural correction neck videos. I know my head’s slightly more forward than it should be; forward head posture and my shoulders rounded. I’m always trying to remember posture sitting, on my phone (internet), running, cycling, in the gym and basically everywhere. Emphasis on trying. When I’m tried, stressed, running or in a rush, I tend to forget.images (6)

My last osteopath visit the amount of times my spine was clicked was nearly in double digits. I still need to go back to sort out my neck. He was able to click back into place the right side, the left hand side I couldn’t relax and had to leave it for now treatment. I couldn’t relax because of knowing that our brains are supported by an axis and atlas so tiny in relation to what it supports. One wrong snap and it’s bye bye world. The right side of my neck feels free, the left side’s tight.Forward-Head-Posture

This past week, I’ve been trying out a few of the tips and exercises recommended in the videos below and in just few days have noticed a difference. I’m always aware of posture in the gym, training, even more so during yoga, abs in, shoulders back and down and back and down a teeny tiny bit more. I’m worst on my phone and am constantly reminding myself posture for like everyone I have a tenancy to slouch. I try to keep my phone at eye height rather than look down on it. Shoulders back and down instantly give you good posture. So many times throughout the day I’m internally shouting ‘posture!’. cell-phone-text-messaging-posture-1030x538-2

The biggest tip I picked up is tucking my chin. So simple and yet so effective. Just a little tuck, nothing double chin which has made a huge difference. I instantly feel taller. This has to be accompanied with the shoulders back and down. I find the tuck lifts my chest, engages my abs and shoulders down that little bit more and have instantly better posture. The tuck puts my head at it’s more natural angle. If looking from the side on, our ears should be in line the middle of our shoulders. Years to bad posture, rounding shoulder while reading, on phone, computers, out and about, rushing around has left some muscles overworked and some underworked have made my neck stick out. I’ve noticed my upper back and necks happier with the chin tuck. It does hurt or rather some muscles are niggly but thats down to them working not being lazy and others being stretched from doing all the work. Remembering it 24/7’s the hard part, but the more I remember the more it becomes 2nd nature.

The videos

Corrective Exercise For forward Head Posture And Upper Crossed Syndrome

Dr Brendon Bradley explains in laymen terms what’s happening with a forward neck and gives a great the wall exercise that over time will reap the benefits. I’m trying to incorporate it daily as it feels so good afterwards. Over time the muscles will kinda self correct but only if I do the exercise often. Again my muscles at the back of my neck niggle but that’s because they’re working at being in the correct alignment. The chin tuck in the 2nd video you can see side on in action and how it helps realign.

Forward Head Exercises To Fix Forward Head Posture

The chin tuck! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been ‘chin tuck!’ through the day. Sometimes is something so simple like the above wall exercise, the extra pinch of the shoulders that have the biggest gains. I’ve added a few of the exercises into my workouts and though it’s early days I can see an slight improvement already. The exercises are designed to strengthen the weak muscles, relax the overworked ones. The 2 band around head and forehead exercises I haven’t done.

What are your tips for remembering good posture? I’m constantly aware of my as bad posture it’s like a chain reaction throughout the body leading to all kinds of problems later.

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  1. says:

    Very informative post, Nat. I tend to hunch my shoulders forward. This has been a problem for me for years. I just have to be aware too keep my shoulders back and chin up in a natural position.

    1. says:

      Thank you! The more you remind yourself and take action the more your shoulders will be happier. The constant reminding is the hardest part. When I’m stressed posture goes out the window!

  2. says:

    Omg I have the same problem. It started around 2 years ago when I would look really overweight on pictures, especially my shoulder part and I didn’t understand it, because I was still wearing the same size.
    And then a few months later I noticed the slight development of a hunchback on a frind of mine and suddenly was afraid that I would have that too. I checked the mirror and online all the things I could do. Since then I am also trying to move my shoulders back and my chin tucked in but I am always afraid of a double chin :’D
    It frustrates me so much that I probably got these from 16 years of studying at school -.- and at school here in Germany, no one tells you about good or bad posture. It should be a must imo.

    1. says:

      I know! We don’t get told about posture or real life economics (how to budget etc) at school. I think teachers have a hard enough time getting students to pay attention posture is the last of their concerns! I don’t think it’s never too late to start correcting it now. Even the slightest adjustments make all the different and no I don’t think you’ll get a double chin! Probably more from bad posture and being overweight. Just keep reminding yourself throughout the day and overtime your body will be happier!

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