Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having you had a great weekend! I’ll keep the chit chat short and sweet as I did the classic, 10min shut eye thinking about editing and fell asleep last night instead. So I’m dropping by with last weeks, Weekend Friday Favourites on a Monday. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye the past few weeks as I missed last weeks WFF.


I can’t handle the cuteness right now. Barcelona Zoo has baby meerkats! When I first saw them 2 weeks ago they were teenie tiny. 

2 weeks later, less teenie tiny and providing cuteness overload. The ring tailed lemurs have also had babies which is going to provide cuteness override. Currently the baby lemurs are holding onto their mama’s tummies as their mamas run around and combined with enclosure’s light no photos yet.

Caolion Charcoal O2 Sparking Purifying Soap

‘Purifies & exfoliates. Sebum control. Hydrates & soothes’

t I’ve noticed a huge decease in blackheads and smaller appearance of pores since I’ve started using this. I still get blackheads, but the amount’s been reduced and my pores are looking way less blocked. Amongst it’s magic ingredient contents are: Charcoal, ‘a medicinal herb powder’, cocoa and a ‘natural scrub’ to control blackheads and exfoliate. Lavender oil and tea tree oil to help balance sebum for smoother skin texture. Enriched ‘essence oil’ leaves the skin feeling moisturised after cleansing. The bubbles cleansing bit reduces ‘pore impurities, removes blackhead and effective control sebum for your skin’. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry instead leaving it feeling hydrated as part of my 1st phase of my 2 step cleansing routine. It’s cruelty free, handmade and not that expensive €13.90 for 100g which will last at least 6 months. I can’t recommend it enough if you want to control pores and blackheads.

Strong Girl Bong Song

(source Google Images)

After finishing Luther and Sherlock season 4 respectively on Netflix I was after something a little lighter to watch. Strong Girl  Bong Soon (or Strong Girl Do Bong Soo on Dramabeans) was the answer. If you loved My Love From An Only Star I think you’ll love this. There’s still an element of darkness, yet it’s had me laughing out aloud! I’m 6 episodes in and loving it. Bong Soon’s the latest girl in a long line of woman on her maternal side born with super human strength. The series follows how she negotiates life as probably the worse bodyguard around while hiding her strength. Equally I having an love hate relationship with Dramabeans. They do awesome recaps in English of Korean dramas. While Netflix has some great subtitiles, Dramabeans normally points out things I’d otherwise wouldn’t noticed with the recaps begin equally as addictive as watching the shows.

Old Lady Smiling At Dog

I’m one of those annoying people who smile helplessly at dogs and ignore the owners. I’m sure some dog owners are please go away, as some scowl, but dogs always make me smile. So I liked it like when like an old lady all dressed up did the same this week.


Maybe I haven’t got much for this weeks WFF. Living in a city you don’t get to see many snails. Tidying up after my Tuesday session in the park last week (my clients did a great job training the in rain. Thankfully it was warm rain) this guy caught my eye.

Autumn Fall Sunrise

Barbaby Macaque Feet

Abandoned Bike On Friday’s Run

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t abandoned. Keys were attached to the handlebars and all the fishermen had their bikes close by.

Up and Over Burpees

For me these are easier than regular burpees. Instead of jumping up in the air, jump over a low stool, ugi ball, medicine ball or sandbag laterally/side on, before burpee-ing and repeating jumping back over the other side. They’re still as anaerobic challenging as regular ‘Cross Fit Spartan’ burpees.

Baroness Trumpingtion, Fabulous Fashionistas

I’ve mentioned Fabulous Fashionistas before, a series highlighting woman over 70 celebrating fashion and loved Baroness Trumpingtion’s spirit and energy at 92 years (and not the mention the fact at 89 years old she gave 2 fingers to another peer referencing her age). I believe she’s the oldest peer in the UK House of Lords and still loves to dress up through the wonder of catalogue shopping.

Internet Finds

Why are donkeys facing their ‘biggest ever crisis’. BBC News. This left me feeling sad and helpless. BBC News

How to survive a natural disaster. Nat Geo

How Plastic became a victim of its own success. BBC News

Canada’s tiny disputed island. BBC News

Kiwi could be instinct in 50 years. BBC News

Is Europe’s ghostliness train station about to rise again? BBC News

The Gardener of Kabul. BBC News

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!

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