3rd Cursa de Port del Barcelona 

I’m really appreciating packing my gym bag 90% the night before with my recent early morning starts the past few weeks. It makes life easier. All I have to pack is water, snacks and go. No wrestling stuffing everything in versus the clock while cleaning my teeth on any other given day! It’s a pain, but packing it the night before really does saves a few minutes in the morning. Yes, I’m a multi tasker. I sometimes brush my teeth and start pulling out things to pack at the same time (It’s easier running around with an electric toothbrush)! As I go in my gym clothes, I have to rely on taking a change trusted outfits rather than try something new. If you’re not happy in what your wearing, you’re conscious everybody notices and for some reason the day doesn’t feel right. All you want to do is get changed! No wardrobe experiments with early starts!

I hope you had a great weekend! Saturday night/Sunday morning I ran the 3rd Barcelona Port 10km run. It’s a fast hard race. Fast as it’s not a big race. Friday, the day before was one of the major Barcelona races, the Nike sponsored 10km Cursa de Bombas or fireman race. I didn’t think it was on this year as it’s usually held on April. I’d have ran it if I’d have known as I was a little jealous of the girls tank tops. Instead I got to run around the commercial port at midnight! The tough bit, the bridge. It’s a drawbridge, but still has to accommodate ferries, tankers etc. One side is long and steep, the other short, steep, curved and we run each side once. Downhill either way, your legs dance. It’s a midnight run starting at 23.45 and you run around a port that’s normally off limits to the public, not that you get to see much of it. It’s dark and I was too busy concentrating on running. The times I did around I felt like an ant. Especially passing a docked ferry even with it being the other side of the port. Along the rampart section I had a quick glance out to an inky sea and equally dark night sky. The horizon, just a faint line between the two.

Collecting the race T the day before

This year I was smart with the toilets. No queuing for portapottys like last year. The race top this year was collected from the Port’s shopping centre the day before. I’d have never have thought to run across and chance the restaurants and public toilets being open if the t shirt pick up was else where. My gamble paid off and I got to warm up running there and back. I wasn’t the only runner taking advantage of them being open!

Race night!

I’m saying my final 200m ‘sprint’ shaved 8 seconds off last years time!Done!

The rest of the weekend, quiet. Light workout Saturday morning if including full burpees Spartan Race practice and a chilly beach siesta thanks to the clouds. I sat reading zinio magazines, huddled up! Sunday, lazy day for the first time in months. I didn’t know what to do with empty running time and had a rare lie in until midday. Best part was finally crossing off some long over due to do list items. Always feel better crossing them off! And of course a bike ride and the beach, because when in Rome.

Lazzzy Sunday
Diesel. Lazy Sunday

Are you a last minute packer or organised day before? I’m somewhere inbetween! Does anyone else ask themselves running races, why did I sign up for this? Can I take a break please and you stop the timer?


  1. says:

    I’ve never ran a midnight race, but they look like so much fun!!! Especially if you can run one somewhere like you did! 🙂

    1. says:

      They’re fun and you get to have breakfast for dinner! I though I’ll run on what I usually run on, so no nasty stomach surprises!

  2. says:

    I have frequently wanted to stop the race clock and take a break…As it is, I just deduct the amount of time I started walking off my race time. That works, doesn’t it? Early morning races I do pack most the things before or else I will forget something(s) in my early morning fog…

    1. says:

      I nearly always forget something and end up unpacking the back to check!

  3. says:

    Congratulations on running such a great race.
    I am an overnight packer too. I find it is a real time-saver in the morning rush.

    1. says:

      It saves so much time, unless you’re like me and 6/10 you think you’ve forgotten something and have to take everything out to check!

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