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When it comes to planning my workouts I have some go to favourite exercises, but most of the time I like to try new moves and variations to keep things fun, prevent plateauing, test my agility and balance, test my fitness, keep my mind and body guessing and keep them learning. Long term readers will know my workouts are far from traditional gym work and lifting. I leave that to my brother. I like to mix it up!

I draw on inspiration for workouts from many sources. Mostly from fitness magazines and a few websites (another post to come). I have arch lever folders filled with magazine tear out workouts, workout printables and stick figure diagrams. Yes, stick figure diagrams. Get the angle of a joint right and it saves writing the whole move down.

Most of these stick figures, are ideas and workouts from some of my favourite Instagram fitness accounts. Instagram is a great place for some amazing photography, motivation, inspiration and ideas (along with general nosiness!). It’s also a great source of workout videos and ideas. My current go to fitness ideas are:

Chalene Johnson, chalenejohnsonimagesThe lady who created TurboFire, PiYo and TurboKick! A great source for HIIT ideas, bosu, fit ball, resistance band and bodyweight work. She always has fun exercises that work and a mean soundtrack.

Two Bad Bodies twobadbodiesimages

These ladies post a 4 exercise workout most days. With a background in track and field they’re made for speed and power, love to push their fitness boundaries and always have refreshing ideas. I use a lot of their moves as 30 second cardio bursts. Most of the exercises are bodyweight with a lot of dynamic and plyometric (jumping) work. Even if you’re not into fitness, just watching them doing synchronised ladder drills is captivating.

Fit Capt 1 fitcapt1images

He posts everyday videos of his workouts and likes to mix traditional weight lifting with functional (fun!) and plyometrics. Expect a lot of deadlifts, hammer curls, jumping on tractor tyres, bosus, fit balls, medicine balls, kettle bells, box jumps, resistance bands, dynamic bodyweight work and bubble gum.

Sugary Six Pack sugarysixpackimagesShe posts most days legs, arms, abs, HIIT’s and total body workouts that can be done at home with a workout breakdown in the comments. She always has a fun new ideas. Most of moves are bodyweight, with some requiring resistance bands, dumbbells, a chair or skipping rope.

If you’re on Instagram who are some of your go to (fitness) feeds for ideas? You can find me at tanjnat

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    They have some great challenges for yoga too 🙂

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      They do! Have you checked out the gypsetgoodess? She’s so graceful with her asanas!

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